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Stories by Mike Roe

Boys & Girls Club employee convicted of stealing $114,000

A former employee of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tustin pleaded guilty today after being accused of stealing over $114,000 from the organization.

LAPD seeks 'Left-Handed Eyeglass Bandit'

Los Angeles Police Department detectives are seeking the public's help identifying a man wanted for over a dozen robberies of businesses throughout South Los Angeles.

Nostalgia for the obsolete

The new book Obsolete by Anna Jane Grossman takes a look at things going obsolete within our lifetimes. The book includes 100 essays on fading subjects, such as mix tapes, camera film, and writing letters.

South Korean man pleads guilty to manslaughter in OC DUI crash

A South Korean man pleaded guilty today to manslaughter for a 2005 freeway crash while under the influence of alcohol, killing a motorcyclist. He had allegedly fled the scene of the crime for South Korea, before being extradited back to the United States.

Woman falls asleep at wheel while on meth, gets 6 years for vehicular manslaughter

A Fullerton mother was sentenced to six years in state prison for vehicular manslaughter after her toddler and boyfriend were killed in a high-speed crash when she fell asleep behind the wheel. She was allegedly under the influence of methamphetamine.

Bratton versus Colbert

Former LAPD chief Bill Bratton is about to face an even more probing audience than he's found in Los Angeles. No, I'm not talking about his new New York City security consultant job, I'm talking about Bratton going toe-to-toe with America's top pundit, Stephen Colbert.

Charlie Beck named as next LAPD chief

A longtime "true-blue" officer raised in a family of cops and who was a Rampart reformer was named the new chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. Charlie Beck will be Los Angeles' next police chief, the mayor announced at an 11 a.m. news conference.

LA apartment owner to pay $2.7M in discrimination settlement

Los Angeles apartment owner Donald T. Sterling has agreed to pay $2.725 million to settle allegations that he discriminated against African-Americans, Hispanics, and families with children when renting apartments. The Justice Department says it's the largest monetary payment ever obtained by the department in the settlement of a case alleging housing discrimination in the renting of apartments.

Defining the 2000s

I was talking with a friend the other night about the way our culture seems to be becoming more homogeneous. We talked about the distinctive, definable styles of the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, into the early '90s, but found our ability to pin down what has defined style since becoming fuzzier.

Hiking: Griffith Park and Taylor Mitchell

So, I'm going hiking tonight in Griffith Park for a special pre-Halloween hike. As my hiking group's Web site describes it, "Bring glow sticks, bracelets, headbands, or whatever other glowing or blinking accessories you can get your hands on and we'll scare and glow our way around the trails and then through the dark and eerie ruins of the old zoo.

Beck, Moore, and McDonnell are finalists for LAPD chief

Veteran LAPD officers Charlie Beck, Michel Moore, and Jim McDonnell were named this evening as finalists to replace outgoing Chief William Bratton.

Why seeing U2 live is for suckers

I'm one of the 96,000+ descending upon Pasadena's Rose Bowl this weekend to see U2 in a sold out concert (or at least the small dots that I will assume are U2 from my seat). However, while you can't beat the energy of a live crowd, the best view may be had by all the people not at the show.

LAPD makes art of theft

Greg.org recently pointed out the way that the LAPD's gallery of stolen pieces of art was, in its own way, art all of its own.

LAPD Memorial Wall unveiled

The new LAPD Memorial Wall was unveiled and dedicated Wednesday night. The wall has the names of 202 officers inscribed on brass plates and weighs 11,000 pounds.

Remembering pro wrestling manager Captain Lou Albano

Pro wrestling manager Captain Lou Albano died this morning. There've been some untimely deaths in the wrestling industry, but Albano lived a rather full life, dying at age 76.