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New Pornographers video 'Moves' features faux-Paul Rudd movie trailer, comedian cavalcade

Indie darlings the New Pornographers' new music video is a Where's Waldo of comedy nerd favorites.

California lawmakers react to Brown's State of the State

Governor Brown delivered his state of the state address Monday night to a joint session of the California Legislature. He focused as promised on his proposal to close next year’s $25 billion deficit. KPCC’s state capital reporter Julie Small was in the Assembly chambers for Brown’s address.

Comedian Gallagher (yes, that Gallagher) walks out on popular comedy podcast WTF with Marc Maron

Self-described "comedy legend" Gallagher made news in the comedy community today with his appearance on popular comedy podcast WTF, hosted by Marc Maron (who KPCC listeners may also know from KPCC's Comedy Congress).

Brown state of the state tonight, arguing for his budget plan

Governor Jerry Brown talks to Californians this evening, laying out his plan to close a $25 billion state deficit. The State of the State address is at 5 p.m. John Myers covers state politics for the California Report and offers his analysis of what Brown will try to do in his speech.

UCLA receives $100 million donation

Businessman Meyer Luskin has donated $100 million to the University of California-Los Angeles, the second largest gift in UCLA history. UCLA says the donation will be split equally between the UCLA School of Public Affairs and a planned residential conference center.

Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center to host grand opening

Jazz and blues singer Barbara Morrison has worked in the music business for more than 35 years. She’s performed and recorded with legends like Ray Charles, James Moody and Etta James. Now she’s opening the new non-profit Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center in Leimert Park to help revitalize the once-vibrant hub of African American culture and arts.

New Aaron Sorkin HBO show to look at cable news; sounds very Aaron Sorkin-y

My interest was piqued when I read that writer Aaron Sorkin would be doing a new show for HBO.

Villaraigosa on Los Angeles's budget, potential layoffs

The Los Angeles City Council, heading into the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, voted to cut $18 million. That's a dent in the $63 million deficit for this year, but there's still a ways to go, as well as a projected $360 million deficit for the coming fiscal year. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spoke with KPCC's Larry Mantle Tuesday about the budget, layoffs and more, providing a state of the city for 2011.

Two spaces after a period is wrong. Seriously.

I would like to issue a public thank you, gracias, humongous hug and many other accolades to Slate for their excellent article on why you should never, as much as the urge may strike you, use two spaces after a period.

Telling your story in 1 sentence

The Atlantic Wire took a look today at a recent attempt by biblical scholars and pastors to summarize the Bible in one sentence. It's interesting because most popular films and books have a one sentence description that most are likely to agree on, but with a book that is both interpreted in vastly different ways by different groups as well as provoking strong reactions, that summary is less cut and dry.

Ronald Brown on challenges he faces as LA County's new public defender

In his first week as Los Angeles County's new public defender, Ronald L. Brown said he would avoid wrongful convictions of people who are misidentified as culprits in crimes.

Jerry Brown takes office today, faces $28 billion budget gap

Later this morning, Jerry Brown becomes governor of California – again. Brown faces a $28 billion budget problem. John Myers of KPCC's sister station KQED in San Francisco provides his insight on what Brown's governorship holds.

Farewell Christmas music, hello 'Auld Lang Syne' and 2011

The saddest part of New Year's? It's the end of the holiday music season.

Music video for Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' from 'Tron: Legacy' soundtrack

In case you haven't heard, electronic music wizards Daft Punk did the score for the new Tron sequel, "Tron: Legacy." The music video for one of the songs from the score, "Derezzed," just came out.

Celebrities staying off Facebook, Twitter fails to raise money for World AIDS Day

A group of celebrities with large online followings "killed" their digital selves for World AIDS Day this week. The concept is that, until they raised $1 million, they wouldn't post updates on Twitter or Facebook.