Natalie Chudnovsky

Producer, AirTalk

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Natalie Chudnovsky is a producer for AirTalk.

Prior to joining KPCC, she interned with KCRW’s "All Things Considered," helped out on the "Taboo Tales" podcast and developed ESL materials. She’s also written and done editorial work for publications such as TravelAge West, MovieMaker Magazine, Time Out LA and The Daily Bruin.

Natalie graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors in English and an affinity for writing short stories. At any given time, she’s probably listening to a podcast, reading, writing or drinking tea (though not all at once).

Stories by Natalie Chudnovsky

Roundtable: the many competing interests at Standing Rock

North Dakota’s governor has set an eviction date for December 5, but there are no plans for forcible removal of the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, which has led to confusion.

AirTalk asks: why do you volunteer?

According to a new report from the Corporation for National and Community Service, 62.6 million adults volunteered through an organization last year and gave $184 billion worth of service.

LAPD Chief Beck: 'Immigration is not the job of local law enforcement'

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck will join AirTalk today to answer questions about challenges the LAPD might face from the federal government if the department does not follow stepped up enforcement of immigration laws.

4 things to know about Trump’s immigration plan

Immigration was a key part of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and many have wondered whether he’d make good on his deportation plans, as well as the promise to build a Mexico-funded wall along the U.S. border.

What do Trump voters want to see the new president prioritize?

Former Riverside County Trump delegate Ben Clymer Jr. says he'd like to President-elect Trump prioritize jobs, and Airtalk listeners weighed in with immigration, security, ISIS and others.

On Boyle Heights, art galleries, and gentrification

Boyle Heights residents, activists and gallery owners weigh in on rising tension in the community around rising rents and demographic change.

67 percent of wildlife may go extinct? Don't panic just yet

A recent report from the World Wildlife Fund has found that two-thirds of vertebrate animals could be extinct by 2020, but some researchers are skeptical about these numbers.

What’s in a (maiden) name?

Earlier this month, a Tokyo District Court dismissed a newlywed female teacher’s request to use her maiden name at work.

Will flooding put a damper on plans for the LA River?

Potential flooding may be causing trouble for neighborhoods close to the Los Angeles River.

Report: Schools' reliance on police harms black, poor students most

The ongoing debate over whether police should be called to school campuses is being renewed by a new ACLU of CA study.

Do software designers have an ethical obligation to make their products less addictive?

Given that tech product designers hack into behavioral psychology to maximize the addictive nature of their software, doesn’t the onus to create a less harmful, less distracting world lie on the shoulders of tech?

How tech distractions hijack the brain and what you can do about it

Though technology makes it easy and enticing to multitask, the human brain may not have the capacity to keep up.

What a potentially short and weak La Niña means for SoCal’s ongoing drought

According to the NOAA Climate Prediction Center report released Thursday, ocean and atmospheric conditions are pointing towards a weak and brief La Niña in the coming winter and fall.