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Nick Roman is KPCC's host of All Things Considered.

Roman has been a fixture in Southern California radio news for more than 30 years. From 1984-2004, he was the voice of news at KLON/KKJZ in Long Beach, serving as a producer, anchor, and news director. Along the way he helped create CALNET, a daily statewide news program, where he was a producer, news editor and host.

He's proud to have trained such accomplished journalists as Kitty Felde and Frank Stoltze. Roman has also worked for the past 25 years teaching broadcast journalism to students at Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Fullerton. His love of sports has led him to file numerous stories for NPR's "Only A Game."

Stories by Nick Roman

LA County still has 3 of California's most polluted beaches

Water quality at Southern California Beaches is improving, according to Heal The Bay, with drought helping the water stay clean. Still, SoCal had four of the worst 10 beaches.

Yarnell Hill Fire: The lone surviving firefighter shares his story

Nineteen firefighters died three years ago in a fire that burned 8,000 acres. The lone survivor, Brendan McDonough, told KPCC his story.

SoCal's top earthquake expert Lucy Jones is saying goodbye

In Southern California, Jones has been both a pop culture ambassador for earthquake science and a calm voice of reason in a place where talk of the "Big One" is never far off.

UC Irvine's 50 years features decades of drama

Robert Cohen is the founding chair of the university's vaunted drama department, and he shared memories of his five decades at UC Irvine with KPCC.

Temecula artist crafts a rosary for Pope Francis on his US visit

Pope Francis performs a mass of canonization for Junipero Serra on Wednesday, and he'll be presented with a one-of-a-kind rosary designed and handcrafted by a Temecula artist.

Spanish voice of the Dodgers Jaime Jarrin reflects on 57 years

Jarrin has been the Spanish voice of the LA Dodgers since he was 21, back when Spanish-speaking sports broadcasters were rare. He plans to continue for at least three more years.

Community meeting to address LA's violent summer

The South Los Angeles church will become a unifying point for leaders from local government, faith communities and law enforcement to discuss what has been a deadly summer for the city.

Most Californians may have to pay $10 more per month for electricity

If you get your power from Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric or Pacific Gas and Electric, get ready to fork over more money to cover your electricity bills.

San Bernardino to vote on privatizing firefighting and EMT services

The city council met earlier this week to vote on a plan that would contract outside sources for its firefighting and emergency medical services, including a private company.

Santa Monica spends $1 million to assess well-being

Santa Monica plans to use a $1 million grant it was rewarded to gather data on the well-being of its residents. It's data the city hopes to use to improve the community.

Dangerous venomous cobra loose in Thousand Oaks

The loose albino monocled cobra was last spotted near the 1300 block of Rancho Lane. The snake also bit a dog.

New procedure may save babies with holes in their hearts

Medicine and surgery have been used to treat newborns with a problem called PDA hole in the heart. But they don't always work. A new treatment may be the answer.

FAQ: As Mars data pours in, what have we learned so far?

Six hundred experts gathered at Caltech this week for a professional check-in. The Red Planet researchers met to discuss questions and developments pertaining to our celestial neighbor.

Federal judge rules California death penalty unconstitutional

The ruling Wednesday by U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney follows a similar ruling in Northern California that has kept the death penalty on hold in California for years.

Tooshlights: Improving your public restroom experience at Hollywood Bowl

The Tooshlight system makes it easier for event-goers to determine which bathroom stalls are occupied, and which are not.