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Senior Producer, The Frame

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Oscar Garza is Senior Producer of KPCC's daily arts and entertainment program, The Frame.

Oscar was formerly a News Editor at KPCC and senior editor at Los Angeles Public Media, which was founded to develop younger and more diverse audiences for public radio. He was previously senior editor/content at the Los Angeles Daily News, and editor-in-chief of "Tu Ciudad," an English-language magazine about Latino life and culture in Southern California.

Garza held several senior editor positions at the "Los Angeles Times," including Deputy Editor of the Sunday Magazine, Editor of the Daily Calendar section, and Arts Editor. Prior to that he was Arts Editor and a columnist at the "San Antonio Light" in his Texas hometown, and a producer at PBS stations in San Antonio and Sacramento.

Garza’s R&B fable, “Land of 1000 Dances,” was published in 2005 in the journal "Popular Music," by Cambridge University Press. He was also a co-writer of “By the Hand of the Father,” a theater production that toured throughout the U.S.

Garza is an occasional host for the Zócalo lecture series in Los Angeles, where he has conducted public interviews with Luis Valdez, Cheech Marin, Culture Clash, writer Larry Wilmore of “The Daily Show,” music producer Hal Willner, film director Carl Franklin, and musician Ceci Bastida.

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