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Patt Morrison is best known as a longtime reporter and columnist for the Los Angeles Times, where she has won numerous awards, including a share of two Pulitzer Prizes.

In addition to the Times, Patt is read, heard, and seen in many other places. She is a regular commentator on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" and has published a bestselling book on the Los Angeles River.

Morrison is frequently interviewed about Southern California on the BBC and other television and radio programs, and was a founding host of "Life & Times" on KCET-TV, for which she won six Emmys and six Golden Mike awards.

A Senior Fellow in the Luskin School of Public Affairs at UCLA, Morrison was featured on the cover of "TALKERS Magazine" as one of the ‘’heavy hundred’’ of the nation’s talk radio hosts – a first for a public radio host.

Among her other honors: Pink's, the famous Los Angeles hot dog stand, has a veggie dog named after her!

Stories by Patt Morrison

LA Unified superintendent contends with budget cuts

Los Angeles Unified superintendent Ramon Cortines says the district faces a deficit of up to $500 million next year.

A Historian Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is, and the Dog Whisperer Speaks Up

Can you beat that moment? A few moments after I wrapped up my interview with historian Taylor Branch about his book ''The Clinton Tapes,'' Molly Peterson and David Lazarus were making their pitch to listeners to pitch in to contribute to KPCC, and the award-winning writer opened his wallet right there in the studio and slapped down a double sawbuck -- twenty bucks, and the newest KPCC member!

The Middle Class in the Middle East, and Your Inner Fearful Demons

Vali Nasr's portfolio as senior adviser to Richard Holbrooke -- Holbrooke is the White House's special envoy to Afghanistand and Pakistan -- prevented Nasr from saying too much about developing international matters like a pact for overseeing Iran's handling of its nuclear material.

Gone Fishing Today, Harold Kushner and Vali Nasr Next Time

Since 1950, the world's appetite for seafood has gone up eight-fold, and the sad state of the oceans shows it. Fish and marine mammal and bird species are going down for the third time as they near extinction, grotesque fishing practices called ''bycatch'' -- the fishing version of ''collateral damage'' -- mean killing and throwing out five, ten, twenty pounds of sea creatures for every pound of ''target'' catch they take in.

Top of the LAUSD, and Past the Top of the Pops

Is his nickname Supe-rman? Ray Cortines, the superintendent of the LAUSD, came in to talk about all things K-12, after a morning he spent going to several homes in the district, looking for truants -- students who've just stopped coming to school.

Leaving On a Jet Plane? Check In Here Before Boarding!

Where in the world do you want to go?

Academic freedom at a California ag school, and yes, the 2010 governor's race, already

I must say, I liked the moment as I was wrapping up an interview with Rep. Jane Harman, the LA-area Democrat, about her measure to ratchet up the monitoring of foreign visitors to make sure they leave the country as they're supposed to.

California's Own Black Hole, and How Do You Define a Hate Crime?

Pretty soon astronomers won't need a black hole to point to as something that sucks in everything around it. They can use the California budget deficit instead. It's coming up another billion bucks short in this terrible economy, as we heard today -- and this only ten weeks after the last budget black hole got closed.

How Green Is Our Program?

We went through a bit of climate change ourselves at the Governor's Global Climate Conference -- our microphones were in the press tent, which was equatorially sultry before we went on the air.

An Ambassador, A General and a Novelist -- A Smorgasbord For Your Ears and Brain!

Was I a little cheeky referring to the United States and the United Kingdom as BFFs? Well, so be it. The Obamas gave Her Majesty an iPod, so Tweets from Buckingham Palace surely can't be far behind.

Zinni! Atwood! As Ed Sullivan Said, a Really Big Shew

Good things come in threes -- in this case, very good guests.

Roller Derby and Wall Street's High Rollers

Okay, okay, it's not earthshaking, but it sure was fun, wasn't it?

The Moon and Moral Quandaries

I'm a sucker for space stories, and the news that the moon has ice on it -- okay, maybe only a millimeter thick, not even enough to supply an open bar at a Carrie A. Nation memorial -- is just the niftiest, isn't it? For decades it had been thought that the moon didn't have enough atmosphere to retain water [some of us wish we were the same!] but this is ice, and the moon is evidently generating its own, even in these minuscule amounts.

''Open for Business'' on State Parks, and Fighting Fires with a Pen -- and Guts

What was supposed to be a story about which hundred or so state parks would have to be closed to make a $14 million budget cut turned into a story about how it would probably cost the state more to close the parks than keep them open.

Ring Around the Planet

We were building to a big finish, and we got it -- new pictures, now in 3D, of Saturn's rings from the Cassini spacecraft!