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Patt Morrison is best known as a longtime reporter and columnist for the Los Angeles Times, where she has won numerous awards, including a share of two Pulitzer Prizes.

In addition to the Times, Patt is read, heard, and seen in many other places. She is a regular commentator on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" and has published a bestselling book on the Los Angeles River.

Morrison is frequently interviewed about Southern California on the BBC and other television and radio programs, and was a founding host of "Life & Times" on KCET-TV, for which she won six Emmys and six Golden Mike awards.

A Senior Fellow in the Luskin School of Public Affairs at UCLA, Morrison was featured on the cover of "TALKERS Magazine" as one of the ‘’heavy hundred’’ of the nation’s talk radio hosts – a first for a public radio host.

Among her other honors: Pink's, the famous Los Angeles hot dog stand, has a veggie dog named after her!

Stories by Patt Morrison

Why to Vaccinate Your Kids, and Some Everyday Irritations

Far and away the most calls today, and the most dispiriting calls, were about childhood vaccinations – how students entering public kindergarten are supposed to have them but how often, very often, parents exercise a ‘’personal belief exemption’’ and don’t vaccinate their kids.

Are Taxes the Same as Charitable Donations?

Some pretty startling content to Thursday’s program – and I’m not talking about just the news that the military is refusing to award Purple Hearts to some veterans who have concussion trauma from explosives, a story investigated and reported by NPR and ProPublica.

Glenn Beck and Me -- Not What You're Thinking!

For a moment there, I was really jealous of Glenn Beck.

The Iraq War: Cost Plus, Years Plus, Lives Plus

What a difference seven and a half years make. In the spring of 2003, the United States invaded Iraq, nominally to suss out weapons of mass destruction being amassed by the killer-dictator Saddam Hussein.

When the watchdog's away, the city will play

Where were the voters and the press before the scandals broke out? Overflow crowds fill Bell's City Council chambers and the neighboring community room as revelations surface that the city manager was making $800,000 a year.

The Prop. 8 Recipe: Hold the Rice ... and the Prof and the Barista

Let's begin with a rule and a caveat: never, ever insult the Starbucks barista.

Prop. 8 Ruling is Coming, and Zsa Zsa's Husband is Going

I can predict right here, right now, what Wednesday’s big news will be --

Why we're not laughing [when Comedy Congress isn't on]

No matter how bad the week has been, Comedy Congress perks everyone up -- if you didn't hear it during the program, go online. Go ahead -- give yourself a treat, and a laugh! Alonzo Bodden, Ben Gleib and Greg Proops make magic when they make mock.

Internet access - a right or a privilege?

There's a growing debate over whether the Internet is a public tool, or the domain of private enterprise for generating profit. Monday, President Obama signed a memo committing the government to expanding broadband access.

Rave reviews -- mixed ... and John Yoo and you? Hoo boy.

''Rave on,'' sang Buddy Holly.

Getcha hot props, right here! And myth-busters, arachnid edition

C'mon, you know you love it. Initiatives, baby! The people's hands on the steering wheel of state!

LAUSD chief: Major cuts coming in next few years

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Ramon Cortines is constantly faced with a slew of tough decisions and duties. Among those duties is balancing a strained budget while still maintaining an adequate workforce.

World Cup or no, do we still hate soccer?

I got a teeny glimpse of the passion that fuels soccer fans around the world when we examined the premise: Does soccer ... oh, what's the technical word? Right: Does soccer suck? [Even if you missed the segment, you can listen to it online, and tap out your opinion here.

George Carlin remembered, and genetically modified foods -- yum, or bum?

Burning up the phones about this one! The idea of raising money for the state coffers by selling electronic ad space on license plates went over like a lead Hindenburg.

Could a Supreme Court ruling send an 80-year-old USC prof to prison?

The Supreme Court just ruled that human rights advocates can be prosecuted for advising members of a foreign group the U.S. declares to be a terrorist group - even if that advice is, "Stop fighting, sit down and talk.