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Senior Early Childhood Reporter

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Priska Neely covers issues facing children 0-5 and those who care for them, and the policies and research that shape early childhood.

She co-reported Broke: Why more California families are becoming homeless, which won the award for best radio documentary from the Radio & Television News Association of Southern California. She joined the station in 2015, as KPCC’s arts education reporter. Prior to that, Priska was at NPR for “Weekend All Things Considered” and “Talk of the Nation.”

Priska was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she spent her first five years in her mom’s home day care. She studied journalism at New York University.

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Stories by Priska Neely

A play about middle school, brought to you by high schoolers

The play is called "Kaleidoscope" and it explores the rollercoaster that is junior high. The play is performed by high schoolers who consulted preteens to develop it.

How the arts unified one school's special ed and typical kids

A few years ago, Grand View Blvd. Elementary absorbed the special education center next door. The arts have played a key role in bringing the students together.

Bringing USC's acting school into the digital age

"The old paradigm of train hard, get an agent and wait for the phone to ring is long dead," said David Bridel. Actors need be trained to create their own content.

Fremont High Sex Squad scores with teens

Remixing pop songs and performing skits about about HIV transmission, safe sex and consent, these teens deliver comprehensive sexual education to their peers.

At a school in Watts, words ignite and pain turns to prose

At College Bridge Academy, where many students have experienced trauma, spoken word is helping students uplift others and process their own pain.

After just a year of training, a ballerina gets a big chance

Madeline Czekaj, 15, will spend a week in New York at the world's largest student ballet competition. More than 1,000 dancers compete for prestigious scholarships.

Theater and dance teaching credentials bill takes a leap forward

The state Senate Education Committee voted unanimously today in support of a bill that would create dance and theater teaching credentials. Why does it matter?

Schools across LAUSD put the arts on display in Grand Park

East L.A. meets west L.A., and San Fernando meets San Pedro, as students from all across the district gather to showcase performing arts, films and visual art downtown.

Classical musicians take on trivia and Taylor Swift

The Pacific Symphony is experimenting to see if interactive concerts featuring pub trivia in busy public spaces will entice people to seek out the formal experience.

Hip-hop studies conference drops a beat

Can academia be a comfortable place for hip-hop artists? Should it be? These are among the issues a UC Riverside conference will address this weekend.

Advocates gather at City Hall to urge more investment in the arts

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors declared this week Arts Week, while arts advocates gathered at City Hall on Wednesday to push for more funding.

Innovative teacher brings the 1960s to life

Over the years, Jonathan Bernal has noticed his eighth graders don't know much about the 1960s. He designed a unit that ties in '60s history, literature and music.

Here's what happens when 24 fourth graders spend a week at a museum

"The opportunity to feel like they belong in a museum, that it’s for everyone, that was the draw."

San Diego schools open doors for arts education exchange

Two San Diego school districts have made big investments in arts instruction. This week, educators from across the country will visit to see the results at schools.

How this young filmmaker plans to win 6 Oscars

Gabrielle Gorman's short film about her personal struggles with race and self-esteem has gotten national recognition. She has some big dreams going forward.