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Correspondent, Investigations

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Rina Palta is a correspondent on KPCC's investigative team.

Prior to that, Rina covered California's social safety net for the station, with a particular focuses on homelessness. She's also served as a news editor for the station and covered crime and public safety as a reporter, looking at the systems designed to help people who fall into poverty, social welfare, public mental health systems, or criminal justice system — and help many get back on their feet.

Rina came to L.A. from the Bay Area, where she launched the Informant, a digital collaboration between NPR and KALW. Her reporting there focused on California's prison, jails, and law enforcement agencies, and the effect of crime and the criminal justice system on communities.

Palta is a graduate of Haverford College and UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. In her spare time, she's a world-class eater and aspiring surfer.

Stories by Rina Palta

LA County library system in a growing financial hole

L.A. County's library system is facing a massive structural deficit and the county has not yet figured out what to do about it.

LA's homeless housing experiment is paying off, report finds

A Los Angeles County experiment in housing some of the most medically ill homeless people in the region showed early signs it's cost-effective, according to a study out Tuesday from the RAND Corporation.

A new push to help homeless kids

Youth homelessness is on the rise and Los Angeles officials want to bring those numbers down by targeting kids exiting foster care.

LA official looks to ban or regulate RV rentals for homeless

Renting out RV's to homeless people is a growing industry in L.A. The proposal comes days after KPCC reported on the sub-economy.

Can't afford an apartment in Los Angeles? Rent an RV

Among the strange sub-economies popping up around the homeless crisis in Los Angeles: you can find an RV to rent and live in in just about any neighborhood.

More homeless shelter beds for Antelope Valley

L.A. officials are opening up a second winter shelter in the Antelope Valley in the hopes of bringing more homeless services to the area.

Anti-NIMBYs see hope in West LA project

The city of L.A.'s struggle to find willing neighborhoods for homeless housing developments hope they have something of a blueprint for success.

LA County turns attention to domestic violence

Los Angeles County officials are trying to bring more attention and resources to domestic violence in the wake of Sunday's mass shooting at a Texas church.

GOP tax plan could make California's housing crisis worse

The Republican tax plan would have a "devastating" impact on the state's efforts to address affordable housing and homelessness, experts say.

How California aims to fix the housing problem on tribal lands

Most members of the Quechan Tribe don't live on the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation. That's not by choice.

How do you get treatment for homeless with mental illnesses if they refuse help?

L.A. County officials want more help for homeless people with mental health issues. As for those who refuse treatment, the options are imperfect.

Affordability crisis hits LA's mobile home parks

L.A. County officials say rising rents and low vacancy rates are hitting the region's mobile home parks. The Board of Supervisors will consider rent control Tuesday.

A new approach to getting homeless off LA's trains

The L.A. Metro system is trying a new approach to dealing with homeless who use trains as shelter: instead of police, outreach teams approach people sleeping on trains.

12,000 California youth are homeless. Politicians say they want to change that

"You want to stop chronic homelessness? Solve youth homelessness," says an advocate. But that takes money and effort.

Housing is a major barrier to reuniting LA's foster kids

A pilot program targets parents with unstable housing in the hopes of helping more families reunite.