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Infrastructure Correspondent

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Infrastructure is what we build together to make life better (and the things that break). My role is to reveal the often-surprising and important systems that make life possible in and around L.A.

Stories by Sharon McNary

Truck driver, 18 Aliso Canyon gas protesters arrested

A truck driver drove perilously close to a group of demonstrators as they blocked the driveway to the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility on the second anniversary of the Porter Ranch gas leak.

2 years after blowout, Porter Ranch gas leak still upsets residents

Activity is limited at the massive gas storage field, and many regulatory and other challenges must be overcome for it to return to full service.

Refinery safety: New laws pass, deadly chemical ban stalls

Torrance Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi's bill to end the use of hydrofluoric acid at two local refineries awaits the outcome of a ban proposed by the AQMD

Big water tunnels project OK'd by SoCal water agency

Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Monica board members voted against it, but it passed with 69 percent of the board.

What’s the future of Gov. Jerry Brown’s delta tunnel project?

The fate of a project that could cost Southern California water consumers billions of dollars hangs on a vote Tuesday at the Metropolitan Water District.

Runway shortening plan is delayed at Santa Monica Airport

Two pilots who use the airport sued the city over plan to remove 1,500 feet from the municipal airport runway. They say the decision should have been made in public.

At stake in the upcoming vote on Delta water tunnels

Members of Southern California water agencies gather Tuesday for a vote that could ensure or kill the future of a $17 billion water tunnels project.

Cleaner locomotive rolls out at Union Station

The first in a fleet of new diesel locomotives will soon be moving passenger trains on Metrolink's 500 miles of track. The trains put out less noise and pollution.

Southern California victims of the Las Vegas shooting

The local victims include a Simi Valley school office manager, a Manhattan Beach special education teacher and a Manhattan Beach civilian police employee.

LA River plan would leverage public land to increase housing, green space

Construction giant AECOM unveiled plan to marry myriad development plans and local master plans into a cohesive vision for the Los Angeles River in downtown LA.

Energy savings funds used against conservation, agency says

The state's ratepayer advocates office accuses SoCal Gas of using funds meant to promote energy savings to instead push anti-conservation policies. The company denies this.

Pollution from Torrance Refinery could cost owner millions

In just six months of this year, Torrance Refinery has put six times as much harmful pollution into the air as it is permitted in a full year.

MWD to debate its stake in Delta water tunnels project

The Metropolitan Water District's board must decide whether to invest billions in a massive water project that another water agency has rejected.

Old LADWP water tunnel to help with Sierra water glut

The Maclay Highline had been abandoned and broken by earthquakes, but DWP wants to repair it in time to help deal with excess water from L.A. Aqueduct.

Whittier Narrows Dam risk spurs flood planning downstream

A year ago, the Army Corps of Engineers said cities downstream from "unsafe" Whittier Narrows Dam lacked planning to evacuate in a flood.