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Infrastructure is what we build together to make life better (and the things that break). My role is to reveal the often-surprising and important systems that make life possible in and around L.A.

Stories by Sharon McNary

LA County seeks to delay reopening Aliso Canyon gas field

Southern California Gas Company was close to completing safety requirements to resume injecting gas into the underground field, but the county lawsuit seeks to stop it.

Today's Election Day. Here's what you need to know.

Los Angeles County voters will decide on a sales tax for homeless services. In L.A. city, the mayorship, eight council seats and several measures are on the ballot.

AQMD approves new smog-cutting plan

The plan aims to cut smog by more than 50 percent over within ten year period.

SoCal Gas-AQMD Porter Ranch settlement finalized

The utility and air quality agency completed the deal that drew objections from an independent air hearing board over the small size of the health study.

Boosting Torrance's clout over the refinery

Newly strengthened provisions of California's toxic spill law allow cities to require refineries to evaluate their technology and identify safer alternatives.

Torrance city defends deadly refinery chemical that others want banned

A City Council workshop Tuesday will include a city fire official making the case that MHF, as used at the Torrance Refinery, is safe.

Rift divides top air quality regulators

The chair of the AQMD's governing board complains they hire and pay members of a hearing board that enforces air rules but has no power to remove those members.

Authorities respond to small explosion at Torrance refinery

There were no evacuations or injuries as a result of this explosion, which came exactly two years after the explosion at the refinery that was so massive it registered as a magnitude-1.7 tremor.

Torrance Refinery agrees to up its power to reduce flares

The refinery has had to flare off gases during power outages that were outside its control, caused by reasons from Mylar balloons to fog. A new power line could prevent that.

New setback in plan to dredge Devil’s Gate Dam

Environmentalists sued Los Angeles County over plans to clear the basin behind Devil's Gate Dam north of the Rose Bowl. A judge found flaws in the plan

Safety at the refinery: A new look at the near-disaster in Torrance

Local air quality regulators consider a ban on a potentially dangerous chemical after refinery and Torrance officials failed to disclose changes to the chemical.

Bill would delay reopening Aliso Canyon gas field

California state officials and SoCal Gas are close to returning the gas storage field to use. For at least one state senator, a crucial step is missing.

Porter Ranch residents' protest shuts down gas field meeting

Protesters complain about continuing illnesses they suspect are caused by chemicals from the Aliso Canyon natural gas field, noting that an investigation into the cause of the nation's worst-ever uncontrolled natural gas release has not been completed.

SoCal Gas faces last hurdle to reopening Aliso gas field

The company has overhauled at its stricken storage field to meet new safety standards. Now it wants state permission to reopen. Public meetings on the request are set.

SoCal Gas lifts advisory after cold spell

The utility lifted its advisory on Thursday for both residential and business customers after asking them to reduce their use of gas appliances, including heaters.