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Infrastructure Correspondent

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Infrastructure is what we build together to make life better (and the things that break). My role is to reveal the often-surprising and important systems that make life possible in and around L.A.

Stories by Sharon McNary

Why LA's electrical grid is at greater risk this fire season

If a wildfire blocks the import of power to the L.A. Basin, it could stress power producers who are already facing a potential shortage of natural gas — their primary fuel for generating electricity.

San Gabriel Complex: Firefighters brace to protect homes; Residents prep to evacuate

Firefighters have been hampered by extremely dry and rocky terrain, sporadic wind gusts and thin staffing, as nearby crews work to extinguish wildfires throughout SoCal.

Fires near Azusa, Duarte prompt evacuations, outages

Firefighters are battling two brush fires. Some residents have been forced to evacuate, while others were told to prepare for possible evacuation as the fires continued to burn.

Developers, billboard companies on record lobbying pace in LA

Developers and others spent more than $13 million in the first quarter to get their issues in front of city council members, commissioners and staffers

Could Porter Ranch gas leak disrupt the gasoline supply?

Five LA-area refineries could be vulnerable to shutdowns and interruptions, an industry group warns. The state Energy Commission is studying the claim.

Bill would make SoCal's 'Rim of the Valley' a recreation area

Designation as a national recreation area would give the National Parks Service authority to construct trails and other public uses

Why LA's worst streets are likely to stay that way for a while

The city spends most of its limited street repair budget maintaining good and fair streets while devoting just two of every ten dollars in the budget to fixing more expensive poor streets.

California primary: What's at stake, what you need to know

As California voters head to the polls Tuesday for the state's primary election, we bring you voting information and a roundup of what's on your ballot.

Many SoCal Gas wells leak; air quality cops have little recourse

The AQMD can cite oil refineries and chemical plants for leaks, but state laws carved out an exception for methane leaks at gas storage fields.

SoCal Gas at odds with state over leaked-methane estimates

The amount of gas that blew out of the ruptured well matters because future methane mitigation programs will be based on that number.

Judge orders SoCal Gas to pay for Porter Ranch home cleaning

The order supports a directive from public health officials that SoCal Gas is responsible for cleaning more than 2,500 homes before ending its relocation assistance.

SoCal Gas fined $2.25 million for safety violations far from Porter Ranch

State utility regulators fined the company for delays of two years or more in fixing corrosion protection systems for gas pipelines in the Harbor and Mid-City areas.

Porter Ranch FAQ: What's in the dust from the gas well blowout

County public health officials say extensive testing of air and dust in homes turned up a low level of barium and other metals.

Porter Ranch: Barium, other metals may be behind symptoms

Officials say testing in Porter Ranch homes turned up metals that could have caused health symptoms some residents reported experiencing even after the leak was plugged.

LADWP battery plan is no quick replacement for natural gas

The utility will spend $150 million of its new rate increase on energy storage projects, including adding massive batteries to help keep power plants running.