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Infrastructure is what we build together to make life better (and the things that break). My role is to reveal the often-surprising and important systems that make life possible in and around L.A.

Stories by Sharon McNary

Gas shortage-caused blackouts loom this summer

Officials from the California energy and public utilities commissions, as well as local utilities, continue to warn that gas shortages could cause power outages this summer.

31 Aliso gas wells taken offline as testing continues

SoCal Gas has tested 101 gas wells in Alison Canyon so far. Just one has gone through a full battery of tests and received state approval.

Bill requires tests before Aliso Canyon reopens

SoCal Gas says that by early August it can complete safety tests of Porter Ranch field that are specified in legislation awaiting Gov. Brown's signature.

Porter Ranch homebuyers not told of gas field until after leak

Mention of the field is now part of standard disclosure documents, but earlier homebuyers were not told they were moving next door to a massive gas field.

SoCal Gas continues risky injection method near local communities

If you think of a gas well as a straw within a straw, it's safest to move the gas through just the inner straw, but a SoCal Gas exec says they use both in Playa del Rey

Garcetti's homeless spending plan depends on developer fees

The $67 million from fees and land sales would go toward developing low-income housing, not direct homeless services. The budget still needs city council approval.

Nearly 700 Porter Ranch residents file claims against California

The residents allege they've each sustained at least $3.5 million in damages. They claim the state and the South Coast AQMD were negligent in their oversight.

Dozens of Porter Ranch homes report new smells

Air quality inspectors couldn't smell the gas, and SoCal Gas says there is no leak at its Aliso Canyon natural gas storage field near Porter Ranch.

Bill to keep Porter Ranch gas field offline advances to Assembly floor

It would require some testing on all 114 wells at SoCal Gas' Aliso Canyon gas storage field before it's reopened to new gas injections

Environmental groups call blackout warnings scare tactics

Some have prepared their own report challenging a state analysis that predicted 14 to 32 days of isolated blackouts if gas supplies run short

Residents say SoCal Gas is behind on relocation payments

Respondents to an informal survey say they're owed nearly $1 million; SoCal Gas says all properly documented claims have been paid.

Aliso Canyon gas field to remain stalled another year

SoCal Gas's vast natural gas storage field at Aliso Canyon will likely remain inactive for at least another year, PUC's president said Friday.

SoCal Gas predicts late summer restart for stalled gas field

The massive underground gas reservoir at Aliso Canyon has been barred from injections of gas until all 114 wells undergo a battery of tests.

Porter Ranch leak could trigger up to 14 days of summer blackouts

More than a dozen local power plants rely on the now idle Aliso Canyon storage facility for gas to fire generators. Gas shortages could lead to outages on peak-demand days.

SoCal Gas won't say if it will comply with mitigation plan

California's Air Resources Board has a costly plan for the company to offset the environmental damage from its gas leak, but SoCal Gas won't say if it will go along with the plan.