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Stephen Hoffman is a Producer for KPCC's Take Two program.
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Transforming historical figures into Heroes of Color

We talk with David Heredia, the animator behind the video series “Heroes of Color.”

Are panic buttons the solution for harassed hotel workers?

A Southern California politician has co-authored a bill that would require hotels to provide a panic button — along with other rules to try to keep workers safe.

Using the film Get Out to explain Black Horror

Lots of people are going to be watching scary movies tonight ... you know, to get themselves in the mood for Halloween 

3 things to binge-watch to get you in the Halloween mood

Take Two contributor Mark Jordan Legan stops by with a curated list of the best things to stream this Halloween weekend.

The Binge: catch up on Search Party, Chewing Gum and Ozark

The Binge is our monthly list of the best movies and television shows you should be streaming. Mark Jordan Legan is our guide, and here are his picks.

Ned Colletti, former Dodgers GM, talks about his time in ‘The Big Chair’

Ned Colletti helped turn the Dodgers into a winning team during the tumultuous era of the McCourts. He talks about his new book, "The Big Chair."

Are California's student athletes allowed to 'take a knee'?

Following the controversy between President Trump and protesting NFL players, some of L.A.'s student athletes could be debating whether they should kneel.

LA Fire team in Houston has rescued 50, expects to help more

The waters are receding, but there are still more people who are stranded. According to LA Fire Department Captain Brian Wall, those folks may be low on supplies

The Binge: 'Blue Ruin,' 'Green Room' and 'I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore'

Every month we get a list of great movies and shows that are available for streaming. Writer Mark Jordan Legan is our guide.

The Binge: From the seas to the forests

Every month Take Two contributor Mark Jordan Legan stops by with a curated list of the best things to stream on the web, we call it - THE BINGE!

Ear Hustle — looking at life inside San Quentin State Prison

We talk to Earlonne Woods, an inmate at San Quentin State Prison, and also the co-host and co-creator of the podcast, Ear Hustle.

Popular security measure called ineffective, how do we make airports safe?

At the heart of President Trump's travel ban is the idea that terrorists are planning to sneak into the country under the guise of refugees. And, like a lot of our concern about terrorism, the travel ban has been playing out at our nation's airports.

New music from Bell Biv DeVoe, Omar, Kid Koala and more

Every week we'll get the latest and freshest in new tunes. This week music supervisor Morgan Rhodes and Oliver Wang from bring in their selections.

The Binge: The best new streaming shows

Take Two contributor Mark Jordan Legan offers his picks of the best streaming content.

Mel Brooks and the behind the scenes story of Young Frankenstein

Alex Cohen talks to legendary actor, director and comedian Mel Brooks about his work, life and his recent book about one of his most signature films, Young Frankenstein.