KPCC to launch investigative podcast 'Repeat' - examining a string of officer shootings in South LA

Pasadena, Calif. - KPCC is launching its first investigative podcast “Repeat,” an investigation into a string of officer shootings in South Los Angeles -- and the difficulty of piercing a law enforcement accountability system shrouded in secrecy. The series begins with the story of a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy who shot at four people in seven months. Officials found each of the shootings justified and accused the men who were shot of crimes. We found many of the men who were shot claim it didn’t happen the way officers said it did. Investigative reporter and host, Annie Gilbertson, sets out to uncover the facts. She tracks down witnesses and retraces investigators’ steps in a journey that raises questions of whether California’s secretive police laws are shutting out public inquiry into police shootings. How do we know officers are being held accountable?

“Repeat” builds on the work KPCC began three years ago to correct an important problem: the lack of public information surrounding police shootings in Southern California. Reporters built a database tracking police shootings first in Los Angeles County, then in San Bernardino County and found that one in four people shot by law enforcement was unarmed and that black people were killed at numbers disproportionate to their percentage of the population. KPCC’s coverage provided audiences with data-driven insight and a variety of perspectives, contextualizing the heated conversations about race, law enforcement and accountability happening right now in the United States.

KPCC is the most listened to public radio station in Southern California. Our goal is to provide the highest quality news and information public service through radio and other platforms, including a growing investment in podcasts and on-demand listening accessible within and beyond our geographic region.

“Increasingly, audiences are searching for immersive, on demand experiences. Repeat gives us the opportunity to go deep on a subject that has enormous public policy implications while also experimenting with new ways to reach listeners,” said Kristen Muller, KPCC Chief Content Officer.

The first two episodes of "Repeat" drop February 7th. The remaining four episodes will be released once a week. For updates or to join the conversation around policing in Southern California, subscribe here and join the "Repeat" community group on Facebook.

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