KPCC Wins 21 LA Press Club Awards!

June 27, 2011 -- The KPCC news department--radio and digital--received 21 awards at last night's LA Press Club banquet. That's more than any other broadcast news organization--radio or TV, commercial or non commercial.

KPCC's first prize winners included reporter Brian Watt, Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson, the Madeleine Brand Show and Air Talk with Larry Mantle, which won two awards. KPCC Orange County reporter Susan Valot was named Radio Journalist of the Year.

First, congratulations to Susan Valot for winning Radio Journalist of the Year. We swept this category for the 5th straight year; Brian Watt took 2nd Place, and Kitty Felde won an Honorable Mention.

AirTalk won 1st Place forBest Talk/Public Affairs Show, for its live show from Phoenix. KPCC’s three daily shows swept this category, with Patt Morrison taking 2nd Place and the Madeleine Brand Show earning an Honorable Mention.

Madeleine Brand and Kristen Muller won 1st Place in the Feature category, for their story, “LA River.”

Brian Watt won 1st Place for Best Short Feature, for his story on the Manhattan Beach Open.

Larry Mantle won 1st Place for Entertainment Reporting, for his interview with Oliver Stone.

Kevin Ferguson won 1st Place for Use of Sound, for his story, “Partch Work.”

Julie Small won 2nd Place in the Investigative category for her Prison Health Series.

Steve Julian took 2nd Place, and Alex Cohen earned an Honorable Mention, in the Anchor category.

On the digital front:

KPCC took 2nd Place for Best Facebook Presence by an Organization.

AirTalk and Digital took 2nd Place in the Multi-Media Package category, for our coverage of teacher evaluations.

Pacific Swell co-authors Molly Peterson and Siel Ju won an Honorable Mention in the Group Blog category.

KPCC won an Honorable Mention in the News Tweet category for our Election Night 2010 tweets.

In addition:

Brian Watt won Honorable Mentions in the Short Feature (on Toyota and Tesla’s electric car venture) and Feature (either for his story on the Grim Sleeper memorial, or for his story on the C-17 plant—they were both nominated and I have to double check which one won) categories.

Steven Cuevas won an Honorable Mention in the Entertainment Reporting category, for his story on surf guitar king Dick Dale.

Susan Valot won an Honorable Mention in the Sports Reporting category, for her story on curling.