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This year, consider giving presence instead of presents

Health | | December 09 2017, 6:48 PM

Science says consciously spending time with our loved ones is more important to them than receiving expensive presents.

Skirball Fire reaches 75 percent containment

Local | | December 09 2017, 5:01 PM

The Skirball Fire burning in the Bel Air area was 75 percent contained by Saturday afternoon, with most — but not all — evacuation orders lifted.

Do millennials deserve the negative stereotypes? | | December 09 2017, 4:46 PM

Has the term "millennial" painted a whole generation with too broad a brush?

LA Unified schools will be back in session on Monday

Education | | December 09 2017, 1:42 PM

LAUSD officials say all schools will reopen Monday following a week that saw a rash of fires shut down schools across Southern California.

Thomas Fire grows slightly; now at 15 percent containment

Local | | December 09 2017, 12:51 PM

Southern California's largest fire grew has scorched 155,000 acres, but crews succeeded at keeping containment at 15 percent.

Firefighters had to step aside as winds powered SoCal infernos

Local | | December 09 2017, 11:59 AM

Once flames met ferocious winds, fire crews were mostly powerless to stop walls of flame that forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee from their homes.

California launches new online system to license the pot industry

Business & Economy | | December 09 2017, 10:33 AM

Want to run a legal marijuana dispensary next year? California just started taking applications.

Misconduct accusations followed top gossip editor Dylan Howard

Crime & Justice | | December 09 2017, 10:24 AM

After running American Media's L.A. office, a stint that was punctuated by allegations of sexual harassment, Howard was accused of harassing behavior at Celebuzz.

The 'Lost Prayers' of a gay teen bullied to death

Arts & Entertainment | | December 09 2017, 10:11 AM

James Han Mattson's debut novel, inspired by a real-life suicide, treats the Internet as both a lifeline and a paper trail of a tormented adolescent.

Rancho Tehama shooter committed suicide

Crime & Justice | | December 09 2017, 10:07 AM

Authorities said that a gunman who killed five people in rural Northern California community didn't die from a police bullet.

Lilac Fire holds steady overnight

Local | | December 09 2017, 10:04 AM

A fire burning in northern San Diego County held steady at 4,100 acres overnight, with crews increasing containment to 20 percent.

Governor Jerry Brown to visit Thomas Fire scene | | December 09 2017, 9:56 AM

Brown will survey damage from the deadly wildfire in Ventura and will meet with emergency management officials and residents.

Why some Christians and Jews believe Jerusalem is Israel's capital

US & World | | December 09 2017, 9:45 AM

They believe the Bible says Jerusalem must be the eternal capital of a Jewish state — but that argument isn't universally accepted.

Shohei Ohtani chooses the Angels

Arts & Entertainment | | December 09 2017, 9:38 AM

Ohtani, who is both a starting pitcher and a power hitter, turned down interest from every other major club to join two-time MVP Mike Trout and slugger Albert Pujols.

Rye Fire containment increases to 80 percent

Local | | December 09 2017, 9:13 AM

Containment of a fire in the Santa Clarita area increased overnight, according to an early Saturday morning Cal Fire update.

Creek Fire containment now at 80 percent

Local | | December 09 2017, 9:01 AM

The fire destroyed 56 residential buildings and damaged 45 others since breaking out Tuesday morning, four miles east of Sylmar.

Trainers rushed to save terrified horses as the Lilac Fire closed in

Local | | December 09 2017, 8:39 AM

Workers estimate that 30 to 40 horses died at San Luis Rey Downs when the Lilac Fire roared through the area and set their barns on fire.

China's ban on foreign waste means chaos for US recyclers

Environment & Science | | December 09 2017, 8:15 AM

What happens when no one wants recycled goods? "It has no value. There is no demand for it in the marketplace. It's garbage."

Federal appeals judge Alex Kozinski accused of sexual harassment

Local | | December 09 2017, 7:49 AM

Kozinski says he's sorry his staffers were offended. This is the same judge who once who unwittingly posted porn on his public website.

Before Roy Moore, Alabama had 'Kissing Jim'

Politics | | December 09 2017, 7:28 AM

Alabama's political history is littered with episodes mixing sex and power. Former governor Jim Folsom claimed he'd kissed "50,000 of the sweetest mouths in Dixie."

Photographer Danny Lyon, a visual voice of the disempowered

Arts & Entertainment | | December 09 2017, 6:00 AM

“Busy is good,” says 75-year-old Lyon. His images redefined the camera’s eye as the aperture of New Journalism.

Southern California is burning. Is climate change to blame?

Environment & Science | | December 09 2017, 5:00 AM

Scientists say a warming planet is likely to exacerbate the factors that led to this week's firestorms.

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