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Winds push Thomas Fire toward Montecito

Local | | December 16 2017, 4:26 PM

New evacuations have been ordered for Montecito as the massive wildfire in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties has burned 259,000 acres.

'A Prairie Home Companion' becomes 'Live from Here'

Arts & Entertainment | | December 16 2017, 4:06 PM

Host Chris Thile announced the name Saturday night. Minnesota Public Radio parted ways with creator Garrison Keillor after they received allegations of improper conduct by Keillor.

Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife arrested, charged with his murder

Crime & Justice | | December 16 2017, 1:42 PM

Seven years after the former NBA player's body was found in a field in Memphis, his ex-wife, Sherra Wright, was arrested in Riverside County and charged with first-degree murder.

In a crisis of sexual harassment, whither the office romance?

Arts & Entertainment | | December 16 2017, 1:29 PM

"It doesn't need to be the end of office romances. It needs to be a catalyst for employers to think about what they don't want happening in their workplaces."

Black farmers sow the seeds of health and empowerment

Business & Economy | | December 16 2017, 11:55 AM

Nine of 10 American farm owners are white. A push to change that promotes farming to people of color as a healthy lifestyle — and a way to fight discrimination.

Major media players start sexual misconduct commission

Crime & Justice | | December 16 2017, 10:03 AM

Anita Hill will chair a commission to fight sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Many studios, TV networks, record labels, talent agencies and unions have signed on.

Animals that could disappear because of us

Environment & Science | | December 16 2017, 9:46 AM

Tim Flach's photos highlight species decimated by poaching, urbanization, mining and climate change. And humans could suffer if they go extinct.

Trump administration tells CDC its version of 7 dirty words

Environment & Science | | December 16 2017, 9:40 AM

Analysts at the agency have been told to omit certain words from an upcoming budget. Critics call it censorship.

For LSD, what a long, strange trip it's been

Health | | December 16 2017, 9:34 AM

It's been reviled and revered, criminalized and exploited by the CIA. Now, it's being tested as a legitimate medical treatment.

Sexual harassment inquiry into Alex Kozinski's behavior moves to another court

Crime & Justice | | December 16 2017, 9:26 AM

After nine more women accused federal judge Alex Kozinski of sexual misconduct, the Siupreme Court transferred the formal investigation to the 2nd Circuit.

After interviewing 122 rapists, there's still one question: Why?

US & World | | December 16 2017, 9:19 AM

Shattered by the rape and death of a woman in Delhi, a psychology student in wanted to know why they did it — and if they felt remorse.

Rediscover Mexican colonial art at a huge LACMA exhibition

Arts & Entertainment | | December 16 2017, 6:00 AM

Modern Mexico, which long disdained its colonial period art, has finally rediscovered the cultural capstone between the Aztecs and Diego Rivera.

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