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President Trump declares disaster over SoCal's Thomas Fire

Politics | | January 02 2018, 6:55 PM

The president has granted the blaze disaster status, making federal funds available to supplement recovery efforts in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

Tax changes could hurt affordability at housing market's high end

Business & Economy | | January 02 2018, 5:08 PM

Thanks to the tax overhaul, buying a home will get more expensive in some places in 2018. That's because of new restrictions on how much mortgage interest and property taxes homeowners may deduct.

Your 2018 Coachella headliners: Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Eminem

Arts & Entertainment | | January 02 2018, 4:42 PM

Get ready, Beyhive. The queen bee will headline the second night of the mega music festival, after pulling out of last year's extravaganza.

Los Angeles DA reviewing 2 cases against Harvey Weinstein

Crime & Justice | | January 02 2018, 4:21 PM

The cases, brought by the Beverly Hills Police Department, were presented last month. Police in New York and London are also investigating accusations against the movie mogul.

Man dies after Torrance police use stun gun on him | | January 02 2018, 3:53 PM

Officers were called to a Crate & Barrel store after reports that a man in the parking lot was holding a knife and throwing things.

LAPD's main worry about legal pot is stoned drivers

Crime & Justice | | January 02 2018, 3:44 PM

While noting "a new day in law enforcement," the department says it's not planning to deploy additional officers to enforce new cannabis rules.

Vice Media suspends 2 executives after allegations of harassment

Arts & Entertainment | | January 02 2018, 1:23 PM

In late December, The New York Times published a report alleging multiple instances of sexual harassment at the edgy company. Now its president and chief digital officer have been placed on leave.

Commercial airliners had their safest year ever, flight trackers say

US & World | | January 02 2018, 12:28 PM

There were no fatalities on commercial passenger jets anywhere in the world in 2017, according to two groups that track airplane crash data. Air travel has grown steadily safer in the past decades.

Neuroscientist predicts 'much better treatment' for Alzheimer's is 10 years away

Health | | January 02 2018, 12:20 PM

"Just the last few years alone have seen some serious breakthroughs in Alzheimer's research," Joseph Jebelli says. His new book is "The Pursuit of Memory."

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch announces retirement, with speculation focused on Romney

Politics | | January 02 2018, 12:09 PM

The longest serving Republican in the Senate says he will not seek an eighth term this fall. Former 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is said to be mulling a bid for the open seat.

​Race against the cluck as chickens run on LA-area highway

Local | | January 02 2018, 11:00 AM

The CHP says the birds blocked a portion of Interstate 605 in the Norwalk area Tuesday morning after their cage fell from the back of a truck.

Study finds no link between baby formula made from cow's milk and diabetes risk

Health | | January 02 2018, 8:57 AM

Researchers found children fed formula with whole-milk proteins had no greater risk for developing Type 1 diabetes than those fed formula containing broken-down proteins.

What makes us click: How online dating shapes our relationships

Health | | January 02 2018, 6:45 AM

As Americans try new ways to connect, the norms of dating are evolving. So how has online dating changed the connections we make?

Ballet master retires amid sexual misconduct probe

Arts & Entertainment | | January 02 2018, 6:39 AM

In his letter to the board of the New York City Ballet, Peter Martins, 71, continued to deny he sexually harassed or abused members of the company. He had been on a leave of absence since last month.

California lawmakers to confront sexual misconduct scandal

Politics | | January 02 2018, 6:28 AM

Both chambers will consider increased protections for victims and people who report sexual misconduct, as well as their own policies for handling misconduct, and the Senate must decide how to handle one of its own, Tony Mendoza, who has refused to step down amid accusations of inappropriate behavior.

NBC names Hoda Kotb as Lauer replacement on 'Today'

US & World | | January 02 2018, 6:00 AM

Kotb has subbed for Matt Lauer since the day he was fired over sexual misconduct charges. Her appointment bucks the trend of morning news shows to have male and female co-hosts.

Meet the only woman who's worked 60 years at NASA

Environment & Science | | January 02 2018, 5:00 AM

This month Finley completes her 60th year at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, making her the longest serving woman at NASA.

Denti-Cal has more bite in 2018

Health | | January 02 2018, 5:00 AM

The new year means the state will once again cover things like root canals and partial dentures for adults on Medi-Cal. The legislature limited coverage during the Great Recession.

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'Time's Up': The next step in the #MeToo movement

Arts & Entertainment | | January 02 2018, 3:26 PM

Shonda Rhimes, Reese Witherspoon, Ava DuVernay, America Ferrera and Eva Longoria are leading a Hollywood anti-harassement initiative.


The conversation on reconstruction after a mastectomy

| January 02 2018, 9:59 AM

The battle against breast cancer is a long and hard journey, and one of the many issues women have to grapple with is whether to have reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.

Dissecting the Kansas ‘swatting’ case that led to deadly police shooting

| January 02 2018, 9:57 AM

Tyler Barriss, a 25-year-old man in Los Angeles, was arrested over the weekend in connection to making a “swatting” call that resulted in the death of a man at his Kansas home.

Week in Politics: Looking ahead to 2018

| January 02 2018, 9:54 AM

The future of US immigration policies is up in the air as we begin 2018.

The X-Files?! Whatever. Here’s what science has to say about UFOs, aliens and other unexplained phenomena

| January 02 2018, 8:53 AM

Theories about the paranormal have existed for centuries despite the lack of concrete scientific evidence.

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High times: MedMen dispensary opens doors to recreational pot buyers

| January 02 2018, 1:57 PM

Potential customers lurked, and a bagel truck took up roost an hour before the West Hollywood shop opened.

How to navigate new recreational pot delivery laws

| January 02 2018, 1:56 PM

Walking into one of the new state-licensed shops isn't the only way to get legal weed. You can also have it delivered to your door -- in some areas.

Advice on New Year's resolutions from self-help experts

| January 02 2018, 12:33 PM

Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer followed the advice of different self-help books for several weeks. They broke down, fought with their spouses and more.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Luis Miguel, El Dasa

| January 02 2018, 12:19 PM

Music journalist Justino Aguila joins A Martinez to talk about the latest releases.

What new California workplace laws mean for you

| January 02 2018, 12:17 PM

"Women have been paid in the past less than men. If past salary gets taken into account, then the employer could perpetuate that pay imbalance."

Lessons from Down Under: California, Australia and wildfires

| January 02 2018, 10:26 AM

Wildfires have long been the norm in Southern Australia, where officials take the extra step to teach homeowners when to defend their houses and when to flee.

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