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Immigrant advocates gather at Koreatown 7-Eleven to protest raids

Local | | January 16 2018, 7:25 PM

About 50 advocates rallied outside a 7-Eleven store in L.A.'s Koreatown neighborhood Tuesday to protest recent immigration enforcement sweeps at the convenience stores nationwide.

LA County deputy charged with running drug-trafficking ring

Crime & Justice | | January 16 2018, 6:43 PM

Federal prosecutors say FBI agent arrested Deputy Kevin Collins on Tuesday in a sting operation. They say Collins thought he was arriving to provide security for a drug deal when he was taken into custody in Pasadena.

Parents say Blaze Bernstein's killing may have been hate crime

Crime & Justice | | January 16 2018, 5:46 PM

"If it is determined that this was a hate crime, we will cry not only for our son, but for LGBTQ people everywhere that live in fear or who have been victims of hate crime."

California's bullet train just got $2.8 billion more expensive

Politics | | January 16 2018, 5:34 PM

Officials are raising the projected cost of the first phase of California's bullet train by 35 percent, to $10.6 billion. The extra $2.8 billion comes on a 199-mile segment in the Central Valley that is partly under construction.

White House doctor says Trump is in 'excellent' physical, cognitive health

Politics | | January 16 2018, 5:18 PM

Dr. Ronny Jackson said the president could benefit from losing between 10 and 15 pounds over the coming year as well as beginning an exercise regimen.

Mother of Perris children shackled to beds 'perplexed' by deputies' visit

Crime & Justice | | January 16 2018, 5:09 PM

Deputies checking on the home of David and Louise Turpin found at least three children chained and padlocked to their beds in "dark and foul-smelling surroundings," according to sheriff's officials.

Montecito mudslides: Number of homes destroyed nearly doubles to 115

Local | | January 16 2018, 4:58 PM

Seven people remain hospitalized a week after they were injured in mudslides that devastated the coastal town of Montecito, killing 20.

Brown proposes revised plan to ship Northern California water south

Politics | | January 16 2018, 1:26 PM

Brown is paring down his troubled proposal for redoing California's north-south water system in hopes of launching the mega-project before he leaves office this year.

Trump administration appeals DACA ruling on young immigrants

Politics | | January 16 2018, 12:06 PM

The Trump administration is appealing a judge's ruling temporarily blocking its decision to end protections for nearly 800,000 young immigrants.

8 Congressional chairmen are calling it quits. Here's why and what it could mean

Politics | | January 16 2018, 11:44 AM

In past generations, committee chairs were masters of the agenda, ruling based on their seniority and longevity. They kept their grip on the gavels until they, or the Almighty, decided otherwise.

House panel interviewing Bannon in Russia investigation

Politics | | January 16 2018, 10:06 AM

Bannon's interview follows his spectacular fall from power after being quoted in a book that he sees the president's son and others as engaging in "treasonous" behavior during the 2016 campaign.

When you need a mammogram, should you get one in '3-D'?

Health | | January 16 2018, 8:43 AM

A newer type of breast imaging costs more. It's not yet clear if the three-dimensional approach is more effective at catching cancers that will kill.

Parents arrested under suspicion of keeping kids chained in Riverside County home

Crime & Justice | | January 16 2018, 5:59 AM

Officials say an emaciated teenager led deputies to a home in Perris where her 12 brothers and sisters were locked up in filthy conditions, with some of them malnourished and chained to beds.

Food stamp program makes fresh produce more affordable

Health | | January 16 2018, 5:41 AM

A federally funded experimental program is partnering with a Latino grocery chain to reward people who use their food stamps to put more fresh produce on their tables.

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Meet the Filipina-American rapper making music about bi-culturalism and empowerment

Arts & Entertainment | | January 16 2018, 4:47 PM

Born in the Philippines and raised in the Bay Area, Ruby Ibarra uses hip-hop to speak on her experiences as an immigrant and a brown woman.

Damon Cardasis' 'Saturday Church' explores religion, identity politics and 'ball culture'

Arts & Entertainment | | January 16 2018, 4:07 PM

In his directorial debut, the filmmaker juxtaposes Christianity and LGBTQ counter cultures in a teen's coming-of-age story.


Hawaii missile alert fail: What went wrong and how to respond to future alerts?

| January 16 2018, 9:53 AM

On Saturday, Hawaii residents woke up to frightening but false alert that a ballistic missile was inbound and to seek immediate shelter.

What does the Aziz Ansari story tell us about modern sexual culture?

| January 16 2018, 9:52 AM

On Saturday, published the account of a woman monikered as Grace who went on a date with comedian and actor Aziz Ansari in September.

Week in politics: How lawmakers will pass a deal to fund the government, what DACA has to do with it, and more

| January 16 2018, 9:16 AM

AirTalk’s political experts Matt Rodriguez and Sean T. Walsh preview the week to come in politics.

Future of food? There’s an app for that. How algorithms and the Internet of things might change cooking

| January 16 2018, 9:04 AM

Using recipes to cook is an idea that’s so 2000, at least according to some futurists that have turned their attention on how to life-hack cooking to make it a better, easier experience.

Take Two®

Montecito elementary schoolers return to class

Education | | January 16 2018, 1:30 PM

The Santa Barbara Zoo, MOXI museum and Santa Barbara City College will all temporarily host classes for the students of Montecito.

How would California handle a statewide false emergency alert?

Local | | January 16 2018, 12:54 PM

The repercussions of Hawaii's huge Emergency Alert mistake are still being felt — here's how California's system differs.

New music from I'm With Her, Bonsai Universe and Starcrawler

| January 16 2018, 11:12 AM

Music journalist Steve Hochman offers his take on new music from three unique bands.

LA proposes temporary trailers to house the homeless

| January 16 2018, 10:34 AM

The plan calls for installing five trailers in a downtown parking lot in an effort to help shelter some of the 25,000 in LA who currently live outdoors.

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