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California officials set up invasive swamp rodent hotline

Environment & Science | | February 12 2018, 6:38 PM

Nutria can grow up to 2.5 feet, weigh 20 pounds and wreak destruction wherever they go. State authorities believed they were extinct but recent sightings have led to a call for the public to help.

These LA billboards are advertising a crisis

Local | | February 12 2018, 5:52 PM

Turning an iconic L.A. image on its head, more than a dozen billboards around the city feature the Hollywood sign replaced with the word 'HOMELESS.'

Tom Hanks is making his Los Angeles stage debut at the VA | | February 12 2018, 5:24 PM

Hanks is set to play one of Shakespeare's most beloved characters onstage at the West LA VA in June. There are 2,000 free tickets for troops and veterans.

Lawsuit alleges mafia-like tactics aimed at a Disneyland social club

Arts & Entertainment | | February 12 2018, 4:19 PM

Like an oddly wholesome motorcycle gang, members wear denim vests festooned with Disney trading pins on the front. Some members sport tattoos of Walt Disney himself.

Latest system brings little rain to Southern California

Local | | February 12 2018, 4:02 PM

It looked and felt like winter on Monday as clouds filled the sky and temperatures cooled in Southern California, but just about the only thing that fell was expectation for much rain in the drought-stricken region.

Why can't I put my smartphone down? Here's the science

Health | | February 12 2018, 12:54 PM

In an era when many kids get a first smartphone at age 10, psychologists say the devices have turned us into Pavlov's dogs — drooling for the next notification, buzz or text. Ready to dial back?

Ask Emily: Family crisis or new baby? Get paid time off for it

Health | | February 12 2018, 12:12 PM

Californians can get six weeks of paid leave at up to 70 percent of their salary to care for a sick family member or a new baby. But the paperwork can be onerous.

Trump administration plans to defang consumer protection watchdog

Business & Economy | | February 12 2018, 11:48 AM

The new head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is making the agency less aggressive in its mission. An internal memo obtained by NPR says the CFPB will unveil a strategic plan to that end.

The gap between the science on kids and reading, and how it is taught

Education | | February 12 2018, 11:42 AM

Two thirds of the nation's school children struggle with reading. Neuroscientist Mark Seidenberg says teachers need a better understanding of what science knows about how kids learn to read.

'Get Out,' 'Call Me By Your Name' win Writers Guild Awards

Arts & Entertainment | | February 12 2018, 11:04 AM

The two films are also nominated for original and adapted screenplay Oscars. In television, "The Handmaid's Tale" won best drama series and best new series, while "Veep" got best comedy series.

Trump offers spending blueprint, but Congress already wrote the check

Politics | | February 12 2018, 10:33 AM

President Trump has unveiled his spending priorities Monday, calling for more spending on the military, border security and the opioid crisis.

4 people die in small plane crash in Santa Clarita

Local | | February 12 2018, 10:23 AM

The private plane crashed in a remote area near Agua Dulce late Sunday morning. The victims include the pilot, 65-year-old Tom Hastings, along with his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter.

Popular crooner Vic Damone dies in Florida at 89, daughter says

Arts & Entertainment | | February 12 2018, 9:05 AM

Damone's easy-listening romantic ballads brought him million-selling records and sustained a half-century career in recordings, movies and nightclub, concert and television appearances.

Evacuations ended after hydrogen truck fire in Diamond Bar

Local | | February 12 2018, 8:17 AM

The truck caught fire around 1:20 p.m. Sunday near State Routes 60 and 57, forcing an evacuation of a wide area.

Stock market swings may rock more minds than wallets

Business & Economy | | February 12 2018, 6:47 AM

Many consumers will watch to see where the market swings this week. Few take a direct financial hit when the markets fall, but that can still affect attitudes about the economy — and the president.

Jamie Anderson repeats, winning Olympic gold in snowboard slopestyle

US & World | | February 12 2018, 6:33 AM

Strong winds forced a change: instead of snowboarders getting three runs to net a best score, they got just two tries. Jamie Anderson needed only one — and, she said, "my lion power."

With Nagasu and Rippon wowing crowd, US figure skating team wins bronze

US & World | | February 12 2018, 6:30 AM

With a historic jump and a set of strong performances, the U.S. figure skaters put an exclamation point on a team win at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Can cannabis save us from the opioid crisis?

Environment & Science | | February 12 2018, 5:00 AM

A new study adds to a body of research suggesting medical marijuana may help reduce opioid deaths. But experts say ending the epidemic will take much more than pot.

More than 1,000 jobs unfilled in LA County homelessness fight

Business & Economy | | February 12 2018, 5:00 AM

As L.A. County massively ramps up its systems for combatting homelessness, the United Way of Greater Los Angeles is launching a fellowship program to help fill the gap.

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Baz Luhrmann's 'Moulin Rouge!' gets new life on the Olympic ice

Arts & Entertainment | | February 12 2018, 3:55 PM

With skaters now allowed to use songs with vocals, several have turned to the soundtrack from the 2001 film. And Baz couldn't be more thrilled.


LA is considering fast tracking some homeless housing projects, but some community members push back

| February 12 2018, 9:56 AM

Los Angeles City is considering allowing homeless housing projects to circumvent certain review processes, but some community groups don’t want to cede local control and are afraid that this might result in housing that’s too concentrated in specific geographic locations.

Could Amazon’s new delivery service cut into the FedEx, UPS oligopoly?

| February 12 2018, 9:42 AM

It’s comes as no surprise that Amazon may have plans to compete with FedEx and the United Parcel Service.

Celebrating ‘30 Years with Val Zavala’ on KCET’s SoCal Connected

| February 12 2018, 9:33 AM

For three decades, Val Zavala has been the voice of Southern California on KCET.

Week in politics: What to expect from the White House and Congress during ‘infrastructure week,’ how the debate over DACA is shaping up and more

| February 12 2018, 9:22 AM

Today on our weekly political roundtable, our experts preview the week ahead in national and state politics.

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Bald Eagle eggs hatch in Big Bear Valley

Environment & Science | | February 12 2018, 4:52 PM

Two bald eagle eggs have hatched in Big Bear Valley. You can see the chicks, and the protective parent eagles, on a live Nest Cam.

Are drivers really putting down their cell phones?

| February 12 2018, 11:47 AM

California's Office of Traffic Safety reports that drivers are not picking up their phones as much as before. But Take Two listeners beg to differ.

Weinstein Company sale hits a last-minute snag

| February 12 2018, 11:43 AM

The latest on the Weinstein Co. sale and the effect a NY lawsuit may have on it, plus SAG's new code of conduct on sexual harassment.

Montecito is preparing for more mudslides to come

| February 12 2018, 11:38 AM

Researchers are mapping the debris flows in Montecito to improve predictions of where they could strike in the future, and local officials are preparing for more evacuations.

Where Olympic skaters train in SoCal

Local | | February 12 2018, 10:11 AM

To compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics, some U.S. skaters went through one place in Southern California – The Rinks in Lakewood.

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