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Senior Chinese Monk Resigns After Sexual Misconduct Allegations | | August 15 2018, 4:20 PM

A top Buddhist monk in China was accused by multiple nuns in a report that circulated on social media. He has publicly denied the reports of misconduct.

LA community colleges tackle harassment, discrimination

Education | | August 15 2018, 3:41 PM

The #MeToo movement is pushing organizations to overhaul harassment and discrimination polices. The LA Community College District is one of those organizations.

Bombing In Kabul Targets Educational Center, Kills Dozens Of Young People

US & World | | August 15 2018, 3:40 PM

A suicide bomber reportedly struck a classroom in a Shiite neighborhood where teenagers, male and female, were studying for college entrance exams. Authorities say the death toll is at least 48.

Pot delivery businesses and city officials spar over new rule

Business & Economy | | August 15 2018, 3:27 PM

State cannabis regulators have proposed a new rule that would allow pot delivery anywhere in California — even in cities with local bans.

It's not just you. The mosquitoes really are bad this year. | | August 15 2018, 3:25 PM

Why? An invasive mosquito is spreading throughout Southern California that's far more aggressive than our native mosquito.

Army vet from L.A. may face deportation | | August 15 2018, 3:01 PM

A U.S. Army veteran who grew up in Koreatown wants to become a U.S. citizen, but her application has been stalled for over two years. 

US policies against Iran affect hamper academic conference | | August 15 2018, 2:57 PM

Iranian studies scholars say tough policies against Iran are hurting intellectual discourse at a time when understanding between the two countries is needed.

Los Angeles Is Deploying Body Scanners To Screen Metro Riders

US & World | | August 15 2018, 12:00 PM

LA's public transit system says it is the first in the U.S. to buy passive millimeter wave scanners for metro stations. The Transportation Security Administration has been doing tests for a year.

Overcoming A Shameful Past, VA Plans Haven For Homeless Vets In West Los Angeles

US & World | | August 15 2018, 4:20 AM

The West Los Angeles VA Medical Center was supposed to be a home for old and disabled soldiers. After decades, it's being transformed into a community for at least 1,200 chronically homeless veterans.

Australian Lawmaker's Speech Calling For Muslim Immigration Ban Sparks Outrage | | August 15 2018, 3:00 AM

In his maiden speech, newly minted Sen. Fraser Anning of the far-right Katter's Australian Party called for a revival of long-rescinded racially based immigration policies.

Body scanners are coming to LA Metro stations. Here's what we know about them

Local | | August 15 2018, 6:31 PM

Los Angeles Metro's subway system will become the first in the nation to install body scanners that screen passengers for weapons and explosives — without slowing them down at security lines.

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State lawmakers introduced a series of bills in the wake of #MeToo. Where are they now?

| August 15 2018, 9:45 AM

California business groups are opposing a number of bills introduced in response to the #MeToo hashtag campaign.

It’s a moment. It’s a movement. How ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ has become more than a movie

| August 15 2018, 9:44 AM

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ directed by Jon M. Chu sparks an emotional movement for many Asian Americans.

New Weinstein lawsuit rides on the legal definition of Hollywood’s ‘casting couch’

| August 15 2018, 9:39 AM

A New York judge has ruled that an aspiring actress can sue Harvey Weinstein for violating sex trafficking laws because the proverbial casting couch, in which women are asked to trade sex for Hollywood opportunities, could be considered a "commercial sex act."

LAPD Chief Moore: hostages killed in crossfire, body camera videos, predictive policing and more

| August 15 2018, 9:23 AM

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore joins Larry Mantle for first monthly check-in on AirTalk.

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