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Do You Love Lying In Bed? Get Paid By NASA To Do It For Space Research | | April 14 2019, 7:40 PM

Researchers are currently looking for candidates who will stay in bed 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 60 straight days for a study on how the body adapts to weightlessness.

High Stress Drives Up Your Risk Of A Heart Attack. Here's How To Chill Out

Health | | April 14 2019, 4:20 PM

A study of siblings finds those who have a stress-related disorder have a 60 percent higher risk of heart attack or other cardiovascular event, compared to their less-stressed brothers and sisters.

'Debatable' List Of '100 Most Jewish' Foods Leaves Plenty Of Room For Kibbitzing | | April 14 2019, 7:20 AM

As families around the country fill their freezers with matzo balls and gefilte fish in preparation for the coming Passover Seder, a new book asks: What does it mean for a food to be Jewish?

Pete Buttigieg Helped Transform South Bend As Mayor, But Some Feel Left Out

Politics | | April 14 2019, 6:40 AM

On the campaign trail he talks a lot about how being mayor since 2012 of the once-industrial city in northern Indiana has prepared him to be president of the United States.

The Wait Is Almost Over For The (Almost) Full Mueller Report To Be Released | | April 14 2019, 6:00 AM

After a letter detailing the special counsel's principal findings — which the GOP saw as a vindication for Trump — the attorney general is expected to release the lengthy report, with redactions.

Tell Them, I Am | | April 15 2019, 12:00 AM

Tell Them, I Am is a show about the small moments that define who we are and who we are not. The stories are universal; the voices are all Muslim. Tune in for one episode every weekday this Ramadan.

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