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In SGV, Getting A Sense of Air Quality

Local | | August 21 2019, 5:08 PM

Air quality in parts of the San Gabriel Valley is some of the worst in Los Angeles County. Now local environmentalists with the Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement are turning to residents for help.

Tomato Truce: U.S. And Mexico Strike A Deal On Imports | | August 21 2019, 3:00 PM

The U.S. agreed to lift tariffs on imported tomatoes from Mexico. But importers warn that stepped-up inspections could still create bottlenecks, limiting supplies and raising produce prices.

Subtle Differences In Brain Cells Hint at Why Many Drugs Help Mice But Not People | | August 21 2019, 1:20 PM

A detailed comparison of mouse and human brain tissue found differences that could help explain why mice aren't always a good model for human diseases.

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Why Cities Don’t Win Elections

| August 21 2019, 9:55 AM

In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton carried the largest cities in the country – but the cities lost.

Do Women-Only STEM Programs Hold Up Legally Under Title IX

| August 21 2019, 9:50 AM

Women-only STEM programs are being criticized as discriminatory against males.

The Trump Administration Moves To End Flores Agreement Protections For Migrant Families

| August 21 2019, 9:36 AM

The Trump administration is moving to end a long-standing federal court agreement that limits how long immigrant children can be kept in detention, a decision that will almost certainly lead to a new court fight over the government’s ability to hold migrant families until their cases are decided.

LAPD Chief Moore: California’s New Use-Of-Force Law, Assault-Style Rifles And Informants

| August 21 2019, 9:31 AM

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore joins Larry Mantle for his monthly check-in on AirTalk.

California Has A New Police Use-Of-Force Law. What Changed?

| August 21 2019, 9:26 AM

Earlier this week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 392 into law — a bill often described as one of the strictest use-of-force laws in the nation.

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