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You Can Rip Out Your SoCal Lawn For Money Again — Now Without Landscaping Abominations | | September 16 2019, 8:43 AM

The Metropolitan Water District's new rebate program is still about removing grass, but it has a tighter focus on improving the looks and sustainability of our collective front yards.

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A Show That Demands Close Listening

| September 16 2019, 10:11 AM

The TV series "This Close" tells the story of two deaf best friends. It returned for it's second season last week. We spoke with the creators of the show, Josh Feldman and Shoshannah Stern.


Here Is A List Of Bills Awaiting Governor Newsom’s Signature

| September 16 2019, 9:47 AM

With the California state legislative session over, we take a look at what bills made it to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk.

A Ventura School District Grapples With Whether To Teach Gender Diversity

| September 16 2019, 9:39 AM

Last week, Oak Park Unified School District announced that elementary and kindergarten students would start receiving annual lessons in gender diversity for the first time this October.

Week In Politics: Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities, New Kavanaugh Allegation, End To CA Legislative Session And More

| September 16 2019, 9:34 AM

AirTalk’s weekly political roundtable recaps the major headlines you might’ve missed in politics news over the weekend and looks ahead to the week to come.

Where Should Money Be Spent On Fighting Climate Change?

| September 16 2019, 9:34 AM

Last week, the New Yorker published a controversial article by novelist Jonathan Franzen, who argued that humans cannot adequately address climate change and we should consider future investments through this apocalyptic lens.

Geopolitical Implications, Plus Impact On West Coast Consumers Following Weekend Attack On Saudi Oil Facility

| September 16 2019, 9:26 AM

Global energy prices spiked Monday by a percentage unseen since the 1991 Gulf War after a weekend attack on key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia caused the worst disruption to world supplies on record, further fueling heightened tensions between Iran and the U.S.

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