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Fact-checking Matt Damon's clean water promise

/Stella Artois/ Screenshot by NPR
| A Super Bowl ad makes a big claim: Buy a Stella Artois beer glass and part of your money will help provide clean water for someone in the developing world for five years.

LA Rams win big at NFL awards


Rams head coach Sean McVay was named Coach of the Year, making him the youngest person to win the award at 31 years old.

Battle of the Super Bowl playlists: Puppy Bowl edition


Tired of football-related rivalries? Stream our playlist dedicated to dog-lovers.

Uma Thurman levels accusations against Weinstein, Tarantino


The actress says Weinstein tried to force himself on her sexually and Tarantino made her perform a dangerous car stunt that injured her.

'Jeopardy!' contestants fumble football category — and Alex Trebek isn't happy


After clearing the rest of the board, the last category was "Talkin' Football." It soon became evident why the contestants had avoided it.

Lasers unearth massive Mayan cities in Guatemala forest


The technology gives scientists an unprecedented view into how the ancient civilization worked and lived, revealing a nearly industrial agricultural infrastructure.

5 podcasts to listen to this February


Remember the staff picks section at the indie video store you used to love? This is like that, but for podcasts! This month's picks include "The Paris Review," "The Big Loop" and more.

Lena Waithe on 'The Chi,' Time's Up and the Aziz Ansari allegations


As a gay black woman in Hollywood, Lena Waithe felt it was important to lend her voice to Time's Up. She says: "No shade to white guys, but I think that it's someone else's turn."


8 things to do this weekend


A little counter-programming for your Super Bowl LII weekend.