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Daily Dose: Monday, March 1st

Today's a big day for John Perez. The freshman assemblyman from Los Angeles was sworn in as California's new Assembly speaker. Here's what you need to know about him:

--cousin of Antonio Villaraigosa
--represents the 46th Assembly District, which includes Boyle Heights, Little Tokyo, Westlake and part of South L.A.
-- first openly gay lawmaker to serve as speaker of the California legislature
--last name sounds like "PEAR-ez"

Who owns the suit? I'm talking of course about the suit OJ Simpson wore when he was acquitted ofmurdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. That was the focus of a Santa Monica court hearing today, during which the judge called OJ in jail in Nevada. Finally, Simpson was able to reach an agreement with his former agent and Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman. The suit will head to the Smithsonian. Of course, none of the many lawyers involved have actually CALLED the museum yet to see if they want it. But apparently if the Smithsonian says no, they'll give it to another institution of higher learning.

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's SUPERGRAPHICS! Again, these uber-huge ads have made it into the news. Kayvan Setareh was arrested Friday for allegedly arranging to have a massive movie ad wrapped around a building he owns near Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. He spent the weekend in jail ... but will be released as long as he starts taking the sign down immediately ... and has it completely removed by Wednesday morning.

DON'T GO IN THE RIVER AFTER IT RAINS!!! Just don't! Seriously, after every big storm, someone goes into the river and gets stuck. Today, three folks tried to take a truck across the river near First Street east of downtown L.A. Firefighters were able to get them out safely.