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Daily Dose: Police overtime, police booby traps, Hank Williams' Pulitzer and Liz Taylor's tweets

The ripple effect of the troubled economy can be seen in plenty of places - including the LAPD. Many Los Angeles police officers and detectives are being forced to put a hold on their cases to take mandatory time off because they've racked up too many overtime hours.

For example, in the Southeast Division, eleven homicide detectives had to take off 700 hours in February, despite opening five new investigations.

David Doan is the LAPD's Chief of Detectives. He told KPCC's Larry Mantle that detectives are playing catch up on cases. Take a listen:


He says adjusting schedules and using former homicide detectives to help out now and then are some of the coping mechanisms they're using.

In Hemet, a fire broke out at a police firing range around 2 this morning. Authorities are trying to figure out if today's fire is connected to other recent incidents. Since the beginning of the year, police officers have been the targets of at least three potentially deadly booby traps and a number of city trucks were set on fire last month.

In less frightening news, the Pulitzer Prizes were announced today. The Washington Post took home four, the New York Times got three. And the big prize for public service went to a tiny paper in the coalfields of Appalachia - the Bristol Herald Courier. I was also quite pleased to discover that Hank Williams was given a special citation by the Pulitzer Prize board.

The board awarded Hank for his lifetime achievement, citing his "pivotal role in transforming country music into a major musical and cultural force." Good choice, Pulitzer board!

If Hank Williams were still alive (he'd be in his late 80s), I wonder if he'd tweet about today's honor. At 78, Elizabeth Taylor has been quite active on Twitter. Today she used the site to announce that she WON'T be getting hitched for the ninth time.

Rumors had been swirling that she was engaged to her manager, Jason Winters, who happens to be nearly three decades younger than the famous actress.

But Taylor tweeted that the rumors just aren't true. "Jason is my manager and dearest friend," she wrote, "I love him with all my heart."