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Daily Dose: Water main breaks, Remote Area Medical clinic, Grammy date and Sarah Palin's rider

April 13, 2010 -- Remember all those pesky water main breaks last summer? Well, a newly released independent analysis shows that most of them were caused, in part, by the Department of Water and Power's mandatory water conservation program which restricted the use of lawn sprinklers to two days a week.

Engineer Jean-Pierre Bardet leads the Mega-Cities program at USC. Hear what he told a Los Angeles City Council committee today:


Bardet said most of the breaks happened in cast iron pipes corroded by the soils and materials around them. Fluctuations in water pressure on Mondays and Thursdays put extra pressure on the pipes.

Later this month, the Remote Area Medical clinic will be providing free medical, dental or vision care to as many as 1,200 people per day. Last year, they held a similar event at the Forum in Inglewood and treated 6,400 people. Many of those folks had to wait for hours.

This year, RAM hopes to make the wait shorter so they'll be handing out wristbands to get into the clinic on April 25th at the VIP parking lot of the L.A. Sports Arena. They're also looking for volunteers to help out. For more info - go to

And, I'm proud to announce that we'll be hosting All Things Considered from the RAM clinic on Thursday, April 29th. Hope to see you there!

Not too far from the Sports Arena is the Staples Center, where they'll be holding the Grammy Awards next year. Today the Grammy peeps announced that they'll hold the ceremony on February 13th. They had moved up the awards to January 31st this year to avoid any conflict with the Winter Olympics. The telecast wound up attracting its largest audience since 2004.

I doubt Sarah Palin will wind up a presenter there, but she will be presenting at CSU Stanislaus on June 25th. State Senator Leland Yee has been calling on California's attorney general to investigate because he says administrators failed to provide documents related to her appearance. Representatives of the CSU Stanislaus Foundation claimed they didn't have any documents.

BUT, last week a group of students found documents in a dumpster along with other shredded documents. There was nothing indicating how much Palin will make for the appearance, but there were papers specifying other requirements. Her rider was pretty straightforward -- no hand-selected M&Ms or anything like that -- just round-trip first-class airfare for two, a suite and two rooms at a deluxe hotel and transportation via SUV or town cars. And flexi-straws. Apparently Mrs. Palin requires them along with bottles of water.

I have yet to be asked to speak at CSU. I'd be happy to do so. Not quite sure what I'd demand in my contract... Reese's peanut butter cups? Good Earth Tea? What would you put on your contract?