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Daily Dose - New power line, animal citations, puppet game show and Fallon hosts the Emmys

May 4, 2010 -- Today was a big day for renewable energy in the Southland. Southern California Edison has finished the first three segments of a 250-mile line that links the L.A. Basin and Kern County. When all eleven segments are done in five years, they'll deliver 45-hundred megawatts of green electricity from wind turbines at Edison's Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project.

Governor Schwarzenegger was in the Mojave Desert this morning to mark the progress on the key power line. Take a listen to what he had to say:


Chino Hills sued to block the project because a segment of the transmission line would slice through several neighborhoods. Homeowners in Chino Hills say they worry the line will cut property values and bring potential health hazards.

Last month, a judge rejected the lawsuit. The city plans to appeal.

Today the L.A. City Council took a big step towards allowing the Department of Animal Services to levy citations and fees on pet owners who violate barking and leash regulations. The city's municipal code says that pet owners can't allow their dogs to bother neighbors with barking. It also states that pets must be provided with enough food and water and proper shelter.

The Council voted unanimously to instruct the Department of Animal Services to create a program to issue citations. Animal Services Assistant General Manager Kathy Davis noted that the department issued 19,351 notices to comply in 2008-2009 for barking, cruelty, distance, leash law and permits. She pointed out that if those were translated to first-time administrative citations that were valid and collectible, they could generate nearly $2 million annually.

Not to mention the fact that this could lead to much happier and safer lives for furry things!

Here's another idea I can get behind - a late-night puppet game show! "Late Night Liars" is a new program debuting next month on the Game Show Network. It will feature a panel of saucy and uncensored puppets (my favorite kind)!

The puppets are designed by Henson Alternative, a label of the Jim Henson Co. which focuses on projects aimed at adults -- meaning no Muppets will be on the show. I'm still waiting for someone to bring back "The Muppet Show" - definitely one of the best TV shows ever!

I'm also a big fan of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon... Which is why I was very pleased to find out that Mr. Fallon will be the host of the 62nd Prime-time Emmy Awards on August 29th. The ceremony, honoring the best in television will be broadcast live on NBC.