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Daily Dose - Supes in DC, Mega Millions winner MIA, Lottery TV no more and Angel dogs

May 5, 2010 - All five L.A. County supervisors are in Washington, DC, this week. They're meeting with White House officials and members of Congress. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky says they're discussing how the new health care reform law will affect L.A. County. Take a listen:


The county needs to renegotiate a 15-year-old agreement with the federal government. The so-called 11-15 waiver shares the cost of providing health care to poor and disabled Angelenos. Yaroslavsky says hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake.

And speaking of millions of bucks. ... A Mega Millions ticket sold at the L&L Hawaiian BBQ in Pico Rivera is the big winner. But no one knows who bought the ticket. The winning ticket matched all six numbers drawn in yesterday's multi-state game, making it worth $266 million to the ticket holder.

Lottery spokeswoman Cathy Doyle Johnson says no one has come into the office to claim it yet. The winner has a year to turn in the ticket, then 60 days to tell lottery officials how he or she wants the money. It can be paid in 26 equal payments of $10.2 million or in a lump sum of about $165 million, minus federal taxes.

I'd take the lump sum. ... What would you do? Share in the comments section below.

And speaking of lotteries. ... The California Lottery has decided it's not right for prime time. The Lottery's weekly TV game show is going off the air because of poor ratings. "Make Me a Millionaire" launched last year to replace "The Big Spin." A Lottery spokesman said officials had hoped to create a livelier, updated promotion for the lottery, but viewership dropped.

The show will air for the last time on July 3rd.

And foodies and sports fan take note -- the Angels are sending new sausages to the plate. They're rolling out "Halo Grillers" and "Rally Brats" to supermarkets across the Southland. The Italian-spiced "Grillers" and the "Rally" bratwurst are made by a company in the Inland Empire. There's no word from consumers yet on how the Angels sausages will stack up against Dodger Dogs in the upcoming freeway series.