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Daily Dose - Brown sues former CalPERS officials, homeless hate crimes, Mega Millions winner keeps working and J.J. Abrams' new flick

May 6, 2010 - California Attorney General Jerry Brown has filed a civil suit against two former California pension fund officials. The suit alleges that former CalPERS chief executive Federico Buenrostro accepted tens of thousands of dollars in gifts from Alfred Villalobos. Villalobos is a former CalPERS board member who worked to help generate business from investors like CalPERS.

Attorney General Brown says the officials didn't properly report gifts that included a round-the-world trip and promises of future jobs. Take a listen:


Brown says Villalobos' firm received more than $40 million in fees for investments CalPERS made with his clients. Brown hopes to recoup that money - and possibly more, including penalties - for the state. CalPERS praised the attorney general for filing the suit.

The State Assembly approved a bill today to classify attacks on homeless people as hate crimes. The bill would allow homeless people to sue for higher damages if they are targeted in an attack. Sponsors of the bill say California has the second highest number of attacks against homeless people in the nation.

Two years ago, a homeless man was doused with gasoline and burned alive in Los Angeles.

But most Assembly Republicans voted against the bill. They said homelessness doesn't belong in the same category as race, gender and sexual orientation. The bill now moves to the State Senate.

And more on that Mega Millions story. ... Winner Gilbert Cisneros and his wife Jacki Wells Cisneros say the $266 million winning ticket won't change their lives too much.

"I don't think it's going to change us," Jackie Cisneros told NBC4, where she works on the overnight assignment desk. "You know, we'll buy a house, but doesn't everyone dream of buying a house? I don't want to get too carried away, you know? ... Like even (her husband) Gilbert says, we don't need a Ferrari, we don't need 10 cars, we don't need -- I can't imagine buying a boat. We don't go boating now, why would we get a boat?"

Jacki, an NBC4 overnight assignment editor, found out about her husband's good fortune while at work. Despite learning she had just become a millionaire, she worked the rest of her overnight shift. And she says she plans to keep working.

Jacki - I think you are way cool!

If I won the lottery, I don't know if I'd keep working, to be honest. I'd at least take tomorrow off, especially so I could go see the midnight screening of Iron Man 2 tonight.

Not only do I want to see the film - I want to see the previews, especially when I found out that the previews will include one from filmmakers Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams.The two are collaborating on a hush-hush project called "Super 8."

Abrams, whose films include ``Star Trek,'' wrote the screenplay for ``Super 8'' and will direct. Spielberg is producing. Can I get a YEEHAW???!!!