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General McChrystal: Another Victim of Iceland's Volcano?

As of this writing, General McChrystal still has a job. That may change when he meets with President Obama tomorrow at the White House. The Rolling Stone profile is devastating. The Runaway General

When I read it, the first thought that went through my mind was "Why would a smart guy like that ever give a reporter that kind of access?" Well, turns out it wasn't intentional. Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone reporter, met McChrystal in Europe at the same time the Eyjafjallajokull volcano began erupting in Iceland. You'll recall that the volcano's ash cloud shut down airspace over much of Europe. As a result, Hastings ended up hanging out with the general much longer than originally anticipated. And unfortunately for the general, most of that time was on the record.

It's pretty amazing that a man who survived the Pat Tillman scandal could be taken down by a single article. What do you think about McChrystal's future prospects? More importantly, what does it mean for the war in Afghanistan? Stories like this will present an interesting challenge for our new show... how do we bring a new perspective to a story that's so widely covered?