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A burrito on a stick... why not?

photo: Eddie L. Bernal

Hey folks! How's it going? I'm the starving intern here on our new show with Madeleine Brand. I've been skipping breakfast lately (turns out reading the entire internet takes a lot of time) so I get a bit hungry come lunchtime.

I stumbled across a list of what Esquire says are weird food inventions. I say they should go down as some of the greatest creations in history. They compete strongly with the pyramids of Giza, penicillin, and rainbow colored bacon for my adoration. I mean, sure the idea of a carrot night light is a bit strange, and the magnifying lollipop leaves me a little irked, but humanity made up for all of the others with. ... (drum roll) the burrito on a stick.

You read right, folks! If I had to pick a final meal, the burrito on a stick would certainly be a contender.

As you can tell, I love food in ANY form. If you're a foodie too, share your story ideas with us!