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Allegations suggest BP burns turtles alive

So, there are a few videos that caught my eye this morning. The first one surprises, disgusts, and worries me. It shows a beach that's littered with tar balls. But the disturbing part is that there are people, children actually, swimming in the water.

As the satirical BP Public Relations tweeted, "Congrats to BP's Mother of the Year 2010! It's just oil people! Take the kids out and enjoy the beach!"

According to the CDC website, ingesting light crude oil, like the stuff in the gulf, can lead to vomiting, nausea, and according to the website, "vomiting and subsequent aspiration of hydrocarbons such as crude oil may result in significant lung injury." Eight ounces is the most that they recommend consuming, so who knows how much a child can consume before becoming seriously ill. Hopefully none of those kids are ingesting any oil.

The other video is of a Louisiana boat captain who had gone out to pick up and clean off sea life, only to see BP round up oil between booms and burn it off. Of course, any sea life that gets stuck in between the two booms is burned as well. How closely are you following the oil spill? Finding it hard to not get depressed?