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Green With Envy (not!)

(Photo courtesy of Raul Roa/ Gelndale News-Press)

The L.A. Times is reporting that the color of this La Crescenta house is driving some of the neighbors crazy.

Can't imagine why.

I feel their pain. I once had a next door neighbor that decided to "enhance" her property by painting the house bright pink and enclosing it in a faux gold metal fence. She topped it off by tiling her entire front yard. It was an eyesore but it was "live and let live"...until we decided to sell our house. Potential buyers would pull up, take one look at the pink/gold monstrosity next door and drive away.

So when is it okay to lay down the law on what your neighbors can and cannot do? Is there any legal recourse when a neighbor brings down YOUR property value with THEIR bad choices? What's the biggest eyesore in your neighborhood? Send us a pic to!