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Weird LA: Freeze dried bunnies

There are days in your life when things just don't make sense, and today was one of those days. We went on one of our expeditions for our weird LA segment and found ourselves at the bunny museum in Pasadena. The above image is of Candace Frazee's freeze dried bunny. "I thought that they only freeze dried astronaut food," you say. Well, obviously that is not the case, and everything on the bunny is real, except for the eyes, which are glass. Let that soak in.

The house that we stepped into is stuffed to the brim with rabbits, and open to live rabbits, who are free to hop around as they please, amongst the cats and freeze dried brethren.

To give you an idea of the scale of the situation, the picture below is of their tv room. What you don't see are the stacks of plush rabbits to the left and right of the camera.

And the one below that... that's Candace, and her giant topiary bunny in her front yard.