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Julia Glass Is a Man


I just interviewed Julia Glass about her excellent new novel The Widower's Tale.

It'll be published next month, so we're holding the interview for when the show's on the air (hopefully also next month!)

A little preview: she writes from the perspective of four men: a 70-year-old widower, his Harvard-attending grandson, a Guatemalan gardener and a gay preschool teacher.  All their stories come together in a little Massachusetts town that becomes the site of destructive environmental activism pitched against the petty bourgeoisie.

Julia Glass's National Book Award winning novel Three Junes was also told primarily from the perspective of men. I asked her, why? Why the fascination with the other sex?  She said she and her husband have tried to figure that out, and they've concluded that inside, she's really a man. A gay man. 

Be sure to keep an ear poised for the interview. We talk about a lot more than man-envy.