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Miner Watch: Rocks, Debris, and Dust to Rain Down on Trapped Miners

photo: NIOSH

In what is already a difficult situation, the trapped Chilean miners will now have to deal with a thousand pounds of rocks and debris falling on them every hour, forcing them to work 12 hour shifts to move the mess. 

They have already established a pecking order within the entrapment. For example, one man is the medical liaison, and will be monitoring his compatriots and administering medicine and shots. They have also built a cooking area, living area, and entertainment area.

The truly amazing thing is that they will manage to move an entertainment system, with movies, down the toilet paper size hole that they have drilled to send items down. 

The article also mentions that they have sanitary facilities. Now, we have been wondering... what qualifies as a sanitary facility in a 600 square foot cave, with 33 men in it? How does it work? Are they going to limit their food intake? How will they clear it out? Etc, etc...

It's a fascinating story and we'll continue to cover it over the next few months as it unfolds.



They have released a video of the Chilean miners inside of the hole.