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Surfer Statue Rides a Wave of Public Ire

Is it his limp wristed stance? His unhip helmet of hair? Or the fact that he's riding what looks more like the stream from an agressive water fountain than one of the beastly waves California is known for?

What ever the reason, a statue of a surfer in Cardiff By the Sea has become an on-going sight gag. Since it was erected in 2007, locals have dressed him up as a Mexican wrestler, a jack-o-lantern, Uncle Sam and plenty more. He's even been swallowed whole by a great white shark. Dubbed "the Cardiff Kook", the work of art is well known enough to have his own MySpace page.

Sure, the statue has a dweebish quality to it. And in a recent Wall Street Journal article described the creator as "devastated" by the town's reaction. But think of it this way, had it just been a run of the mill statue the dude would have never gotten this much attention. And if he's lucky, the Cardiff Kook might ride this wave of infamy to a place in statue history alongside the Manneken Pis in Brussels. That sculpture has a seriously bodacious wardrobe.