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Dinosaurs get weirder, awesomer

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

In this case replace "old dog" with "extinct species" and "new tricks" with "how to have a humpback."

A new breed of flesh eating dino was unearthed in Spain. The beast, named Concavenator corcovatus topped out at 20 feet long and had what looks in drawings to be a shark fin on it's back!

Why it had a hump is a mystery. Scientists theorize it could have been a tool used for regulating body temperature, communicating with its kind or wooing potential mates. I theorize it was for speed and style, like one of these bad boys.

Other clues found on the skeleton point to the existence of feathers, potentially confirming what scientists have long suspected, birds are the smaller, friendlier version of dinosaurs. A feathered, humped carnivorous dino? These creatures keep getting more rad as time goes on.

(My vision for what the Concavenator corcovatus may have looked like. See a probably more acurate version here.)