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From teleportation to deep sea diving, China rocks the world of science

Turn your back on China for one minute and they go and pull off something like quantum teleportation.

On the heels the announcement that China is now the world's second largest economy, the red giant made waves in the world of science as well. Namely, they found a way to send messages using teleportation! While it's not quite the "beam me up Scotty" brand of sending objects through space, it's still very, very cool (from the Time article):

The process is called teleportation, but the information in the message is not actually moved. Instead, changes to one photon's quantum state will be adopted instantly by the other - something Einstein famously called "spooky action at a distance." The result is akin to having two pieces of paper 10 miles apart, and as a person writes on one paper the message simultaneously appears on the other.

You'd think that would be enough awesome for one country, but on top of this China is dominating the world of deep sea exploration with their new Jiaolong submersible. It's a truck sized vehicle that is designed to go deeper into the ocean than other subs, giving China access to a host of seabed booty ... and I don't mean treasure chests (from the New York Times):

The global seabed is littered with what experts say is trillions of dollars’ worth of mineral nodules as well as many objects of intelligence value: undersea cables carrying diplomatic communications, lost nuclear arms, sunken submarines and hundreds of warheads left over from missile tests.

China may still be only the second largest economy, but if they keep up this kind of innovation they'll take number one in no time. Get on it America, we need to invent hover cars, force fields or invisibility cloaks stat!