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I'm a bee-liever

We just aired a segment about backyard beekeeping and whatyaknow, my family keeps bees! So, I thought I'd show you what our setup is like. 

No self respecting hip and modern, self aware urban garden loving household could exist without bees. So, my family got on that train and put two hives in our backyard.

It's fun having bees. Guests love to see the boxes, they (the bees, not the guests) pollinate our fruits and vegetables and eventually, if we're lucky, we'll be able to harvest some honey.

Oh, and we have an excuse to dress up in bee suits.

Jacob Margolis (L) and Mark Margolis (R)

Here's what we have going on:

Two boxes to give the bees more room.

A panel from inside a hive. There's honeycomb + honey + drone cells. 


Getting ready to smoke the bees. Smoking the hive causes the bees to eat honey, become lethargic and swarm less. 

If you're thinking about getting some bees of your own... you should. The group Backwards Beekeepers has some great resources. 

If you do get your own bees can make your own candles, eat some honey, barter at the farmers market, and look as cool as us.

Let us know if you keep your own bees. Send us some pictures. We'd love to see.