The Breakdown | Explaining Southern California's economy

Reportings: California unemployment; LA car mechanics; drive the speed limit

Not a rounding error. California was at 12 percent unemployment. Now we're at 12.1: "California's dependence on the real estate industry is going to continue to cause pain until home-building starts again. But with uncertainty throughout the economy, few businesses in any field seem willing to hire." (LAT)


Lose your job in a recession, see your future income reduced by almost 20 percent: "For high-tenure workers who experience job displacement in a recession, the losses amount to about three years of earnings at pre-displacement levels and 19% of the present value earnings of otherwise similar workers who retain jobs." (Brookings Institution)


It's springtime for car mechanics in LA: "And as the U.S. vehicle fleet ages and consumers continue to save, repair shops, analysts said, are in a good position to continue their growth." (LAT)


Protest slow climate regulations by…driving the speed limit: "The real gains are almost certainly to be found in more-disruptive less-legal behavior like actually halting rush hour traffic. But a nice initial attention-getting not-very-demanding activist step is a good idea." (Yglesias)