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Live-blogging the LA Auto Show

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Update: I spent a some time talking about the show with Larry Mantle on Airtalk this morning, with Eddie Alterman of Car and Driver and Ed Hellwig of Edmunds Inside Line. Check it out.

I'll be roaming the floor of the Los Angeles Auto Show for the next two days, checking out new cars, green cars, concept cars, and the business of cars in Southern California. I'll also be tweeting, so if you want to follow me, check out my Twitter feeds, below.

Look for photos, insights, and even some video. The LA Auto Show is the first big car show for the global industry, kicking off a season that runs for months and travels around the world.

The industry has taken its share of lumps over the past few years. The financial crisis nearly killed both Chrysler and General Motors — and seriously threatned Ford — but the Big Three are back, racking up profits quarter after quarter. 

Earlier this year, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami damaged the global supply chain and caused the Japanese automakers, especially Toyota, to lose market share. They're now setting up for a recovery, however. 

Meanwhile, some of the juice has gone out of the electric car renaissance. But this time around, the automakers are keeping their new EVs on the road, rather than sending them to the crusher, as GM infamously did with the EV1.

These are just some of the stories I'll be tracking. Stay tuned for more!

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