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Business Insider's BlackBerry-iPhone anxiety

A man checks his email on a Blackberry.
A man checks his email on a Blackberry.
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Attack the iPhone, get over 210,00 page views. That's what Business Insider's Matt Lynley has achieved with this post about why he likes the BlackBerry more than the iPhone

OK, it's a slide show. That's part one of what I should recognize by now as a classic bit of BI linkbaiting-and-switiching. It's also a bait-and-switch in that Lynley only seems to prefer the BlackBerry because he's bored with the iPhone, which he's been using for four years.

However, he makes a very salient point along the way. 

The BlackBerry still absolutely kills it with email. So it was in the beginning. And so it is still.

There's a whole grand saga playing itself out in the mediasphere these days, as business-minded BlackBerry users (read: productive types) grapple with the decline of BlackBerry's makers, Research in Motion, and adapt themselves to the giddy world of the iPhone, much of which seems designed for esthetes and teenagers (read: they like toys), but which is...getting better at the whole enterprise thing.

Still, email. 

You just can't get away from it. It remains the productivity tool to end all productivity tools, despite Facebook apps and Twitter apps and Angry Birds.

Lynley explains why BlackBerry does it best (remember, this is in the context of a comparison test/slide show):

...The BlackBerry has a simple, streamlined, unified email inbox that includes notifications from everything — including Facebook, your corporate email, text messages and anything else that has notifications. It takes about 4 seconds to set up. Setting up an email account on the iPhone is a huge pain...and sometimes doesn't work. You have to dig through settings folders, make sure the right authentication servers are right, so on and so forth. Then you only get access to email, and again it's filled with a bunch of needless animations. Apple's notifications and email were not designed with speed and efficiency in mind...The iPhone is an example of form before function, while the BlackBerry is function before form. It works because it has to and it is the smoothest communications experience you will ever experience out of any smartphone out there.

Cue the roof blowing off the stadium — BlackBerry just dropped a bomb on Apple.

Yep. What he said.

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