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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' March 2 edition

Listen in to my regular Friday Economics Report on "America Now with Andy Dean." Andy and I cover a lot of territory as he re-educates my — according to him — liberal soul. When we get to talking about Apple, an iconic company for lefties, I do get some credit for being one of the cynical liberals who doesn't think Apple is going to get a free ride to $1,000 per share (and if fact the stock is taking a hit in trading today). For his part, Andy makes an excellent point about Apple dealing with its $100-billion cash hoard by getting out a quick dividend this year, so that investors can see it taxed before potential political changes see a hike in the rates on dividends as capital gains next year. (This does assume that Obama gets re-elected and that he can get a tax-reform package that tackles cap gains through Congress.)

As always, a lively discussion/debate. Tune in to America Now Radio online this Friday at 4pm Pacific Time to hear this week's Economics Report LIVE!

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