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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' March 9 edition

It's Monday, and that means that I post the audio of my weekly joust with Andy Dean on his radio show — a show that's now seven months young! So congrats to Andy on that. He's trying to bring me out of the darkness and into the light, so on Friday we spent some discussing the sins of Paul Krugman, op-ed columnist for the New York Times and sworn foe of conservative viewpoints. Krugman hasn't given up on his position that we need more government spending rather than less right now. Andy is horrified by this prospect. I actually think that Krugman, in a recent blog post, actually did something unusual and glossed over a rather significant piece of spending under Reagan — defense spending.

I think we could use more of that right now, for two reasons: We need to refurbish aspects of our military, especially Navy ships, which guard the world's sea lanes; increased defense spending could also function as a kind of non-partisan stimulus is a political environment that far too divided to pass the kind of stimulus was saw early in the Obama administration.

Also, Andy I talk about the solid (I think, he doesn't) February jobs report, as well as cashing in on potential disasters, something I call "paranoia entrepreneurship." Wealthy people are worried about nuclear attacks and class warfare, so they're paying people tons of money to build updated, well-appointed bomb shelters! There are even time shares for the bunker-mentality set! It's great stuff — and I say more power to the businesspeople who want to extract money from the wealthy by capitalizing on irrational fear.

Tune in this Friday live at 4PM Pacific Time to hear us go at it again.