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DeBord Report Live: Sasha Strauss of Innovation Protocol at the Crawford Family Forum

The DeBord Report is going live! On Wednesday, March 21, from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Crawford Family Forum, I'll be conversing with the always lively Sasha Strauss, the Managing Director of Innovation Protocol. We'll be talking about the "New World of Branding Strategies," something Strauss knows plenty about. RSVP early to reserve a seat!

If you're interested in a preview, you can watch Strauss in action in the video above.

You can also listen to Strauss here and here — he's appeared often on "The Patt Morrison Show." In both segments, he discusses something that's near and dear to me: the auto industry.

Leading up to the event, I'll be writing a micro-series of blog posts about branding and some the issues the practice is now facing.

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