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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' March 30 edition

Time for my weekly writeup of Friday's business and economy report on "American Now with Andy Dean." Obviously, we couldn't not talk about the Mega Millions lottery, even though we've discussed it before. Evidently, the lotto authorities are still tracking down the winners for the Friday night drawing. The fact remains, of course: These are people who spent $1 — well, OK, maybe they spent hundred or even thousands of dollars on tickets, I have no way of knowing — for a shot at $640 million. Negligible input for a monumental payoff. And a reminder that while the odds are waaayyy against you, as Andy points out, it can be worth it to play the lottery when it gets super-high, jackpot-wise. You're investing in a personal "black swan" event.

Otherwise, we discussed the Dodgers sale, including the masterful — and to some, malevolent — parking-lots side deal that soon-to-be-former owners Frank McCourt worked out. Also some back-and-forth about Goldman Sachs ultra-critic Greg Smith's $1.5 billion book advance, some more discussion of why Apple should buy Research in Motion as RIM's stock price continues to struggle, and to cap it all off, the breaking news that Keith Olberman was fired at Al-Gore owned Current TV.

Check it out. And be sure to listen to this week's segment live at 4 p.m. Pacific Time of Friday.

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